Your New Year’s resolutions at work

January 11, 2016

Last month on the Furniture at Work blog, we asked you all to get thinking about your office design New Year’s Resolutions, which could have been anything from new office furniture, a new look and feel to your office decor, a new approach to food in the office or a wishlist of office gadgets to make your work life easier.

We took to Twitter to gather your resolutions, and were overwhelmed with the responses. Below we have gathered our favourites, thank you so much to all of you who got involved!


“To make sure I take a proper lunch break” Nikki,


“Be more ergonomic, dynamic and proactive. Drink less coffee & continually email cleanse!” Amanda,


“Stop working so much overtime and have more family time!” Loti,


“Stop putting off boring tasks and do them first to get them out of the way” Gemma,


Some really great resolutions from a mixture of people who work in either a workplace office or a home office. Our ultimate favourite resolution is below, from Samantha at We loved Samantha’s resolution so much we have added it to our infographic to showcase it in all it’s glory. We think this is a great resolution as it’s applicable to so many people in office environments, be them at home or in the workplace. Samantha says she wants to;


“Transform the creative space from a dumping ground to an inspirational area to come up with brilliant ideas!” and we couldn’t agree more that many people neglect their office space, when in fact it is one of the most important places to keep fresh, tidy and organised so that your work ideas can flow without disruption. Check out our other blogs for more tips on how to kit our the perfect home office and the importance of good quality office furniture. 

Office Furniture Design

Office Design New Year’s Resolution from Samantha at

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Mums, Is The Office Chair A Place You Can Relax?

December 14, 2015

If you’re a working mum, your mornings might be chaotic. From climbing out of bed at the crack of dawn to preparing breakfast, getting your children up and dressed and locating missing school uniforms and shoes, attempting to keep order during the first couple of hours of the day may leave you feeling a little frazzled. So, rather than being a chore, getting to work and slumping into your office seat may give you a welcome chance to relax.
To explore this idea, we surveyed more than 600 office-based mums and asked them a series of questions relating to a typical working day. The study looked at whether these busy parents consider their office chair to be a place where they can relax after a whirlwind morning of organising their brood. So, let’s see if working mothers really do see their seat at the office as somewhere to unwind after their hectic morning schedule.

From rushed to relieved
Lady sitting comfortably in office FAW

The study revealed that 73% of mums view getting their kids up and ready as the most important part of their morning, and it seems the rush to rouse their children has an effect on parents’ beauty regimes. More than four in 10 mums admitted that how they look in the mornings is not of any significance to them. Lifestyle blogger and mum Bex from explained her mornings are “stressful, tiring and crazy”.

Similarly, blogger Becky from noted that a typical week morning leaves her feeling “rushed, stressed and unorganised”. However, she also revealed that her mood changes to “relieved, calm and ready” to work once she gets to her desk at the office. Overall, 43% of respondents described their morning routines as “hectic, busy and stressful”, so it’s no wonder that some mums see their office chair as a place to relax.
Room for improvement
When it comes to the actual seats that mums use during their working days, over half (55%) of those surveyed said that the chair they sit on is very important to their daily satisfaction, with 70% stating that their office chair is “fairly comfortable”.
However, when asked how their office seating could be improved, some of the respondents had a lot to say. Elaine from admitted “a softer chair would be better” than her current seating solution, while blogger Helen from said she feels her day could be improved if she had “a proper office chair”.
furniture-at-work-sitting uncomfortably(2)





















The survey also divulged that some mums are putting their health as risk. Blogger mum Daniella from confessed that she suffers from backache while sitting at her desk. In fact, 40% of respondents stated that they experience back pain some of the time while working. With office mums spending an average of seven hours a day in their chairs, it’s apparent that there is room for improvement when it comes to this piece of furniture.
Some mums even remain in their office seats during their free time at work; nearly half (48%) of the mums surveyed claimed to eat their lunch while sitting at their desk.
It’s clear to see there is a trend among mums when it comes to the office chair. This seat is often viewed as a calming retreat for parents after they’ve dealt with their hectic morning routines. The poll also revealed that, to protect their well-being at work, many mums could benefit from improving quality of their chairs.


Furniture-At-Work-Working-Mums-Final_infographic (2)

A huge thank you to all the lovely mum’s who featured on our infographic:

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The importance of good quality home office furniture

September 10, 2013

Getting the opportunity to work from home can be a relief. You can kiss goodbye to those stressful commutes, meaning more of your time will be your own. Also, you might find you’re able to work more efficiently away from the hubbub of an office.

However, there are certain pitfalls you must avoid if you’re about to take the plunge and give up office life in favour of remote working.

Avoid the couch

To begin with, you might see the novelty in working from your couch, but this will soon wear off. Lounging around while you’re getting on with your tasks sounds great, but in fact it’s just not very comfortable or practical. After a while, you might start getting pains in your neck and back because of your contorted working position.

Also, by working in your living room, you run the risk of losing important work-related material. It’s all too easy for documents, memory sticks and other items to go missing under seating and between cushions. Even worse, they may accidentally be ‘tidied’ away into the recycling or the bin.

A designated space

This is why it really pays off to create a designated area to work in complete with suitable home office furniture. Having access to good quality seating, a proper desk and some storage can make your life a whole lot easier.

It can also help you to keep a good work-life balance. If your work equipment and files are strewn all around your property, you might feel as though you’re never able to fully switch off. In contrast, if you’re able to shut the door to your home office at the end of the working day, you should find it easier to relax.

Long-term wellbeing

Over the long-term, your wellbeing can benefit greatly as a result of having access to top quality home office chairs and other items. Making sure you maintain the right posture while you’re getting stuck into your work is so important. If you don’t, you’re much more likely to develop musculoskeletal problems, and these could be painful and chronic.

The little extras

When you’re setting up your home office, make sure you pay attention to the finer details. After all, you might spend many hours in the space virtually every day.

For example, having a wastepaper bin is a must. Also, try to include some attractive accessories in the area, such as plants and artwork. This can help to boost your mood when you’re racking up the hours at your desk

Having enough storage is another crucial point. The last thing you want is to end up half-buried in documents, books and other items. This is stressful and it can be distracting.

Take a look

Here at Furniture At Work™ we’re experts when it comes to office furniture and should have exactly what you’re looking for. You can peruse our chairs, desks, cupboards, bookcases, mobile pedestals and more and, within no time, you should be able to find the perfect items for you.

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The Importance of High Quality Office Furniture in the UK

August 10, 2013

If you’re planning on moving into a new office then you will undoubtedly be looking for the best office furniture at work to suit your requirements. With so many office furniture options available on the market, it can be a struggle to identify the best products for your needs, which is why it pays to read up on the styles to ensure you make an informed decision.

Reception Furniture

Your reception area will be the first room a guest will see upon arrival; therefore, it’s essential you make the right impression to evoke confidence in your company. Opt for comfortable reception seating as your clients or customers may spend a lot of time waiting for their appointment. Also, take the size of the reception into consideration, as stuffing large furniture into a tiny room will be incredibly unsightly.

Office Chairs

Operator chairs are a fantastic option for the workplace as they’re fully adjustable and are therefore ideal for use within the office area. There are so many operator chair options available – such as ergonomic, high back and more.

Executive leather chairs are superb for meeting and conference rooms as they’ll add a touch of professionalism to a room – and they’re also a great way to impress your clients.


Storage is an essential in an office environment as it can boost productivity within the workplace. Therefore, you should ensure you include the appropriate office storage systems to ensure you stay one step ahead of your clients and customers. Filing cabinets are a great way to archive old documents, such as personnel papers. Budget bookcases are also a wonderful solution for storing boxes, industry books and more.

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Is Your Home Prepared for the Flexible Working Revolution?

August 8, 2013

A major new report published this summer suggests a change in workplace practices to include more flexible and home-based and flexible working could bring about an £8.1bn boost to Britain’s economy through reduced costs and greater productivity.

The report, The Flex Factor, from think tank RSA and Vodafone UK, is based on a nationwide study of thousands of bosses and employees. It states that some five weekly hours’ productivity could be clawed back – that’s over £4,000 annually for each staff member.

Equally, the study reports that smaller businesses in particular, who want to reduce overheads while maximising the potential of their staff teams, are leading the way in the shift to increased flexibility at work.

Already nearly half (46%) of employer organisations usually give staff access to a business laptop computer, while a tenth provide tablet devices and a quarter offer use of a Smartphone.

Well over three quarters of British workers are employed by organisations offering some type of flexible working arrangement, but a significant minority of over a tenth who want flexible working are either not given the chance or are not aware they can request it.

Nearly 65% who had worked flexibly claimed their job satisfaction had improved as a result, the survey also revealed.

It seems that the challenge is now for all organisations to think of how different workplace practices could slash outgoings while maximising time, space and resources.

While flexible work isn’t just about being home based (it covers, for example, varying start and finish times) home working is a big part of it. And it brings many benefits, from being able to pop on a wash at lunchtime to being there when the children get home from school to eliminating the slog of commuting.

If you work at home, even for some of the time, it’s important that you are properly geared up to do so without distractions and without, say, having to clear away the dining room table for mealtimes.

Part of that means having the right home office furniture in place.

Home Office Ideas from Furniture at Work™

If you’re stumped for home office ideas, see what we at Furniture at Work™ have to offer before you do anything else. We’re a leading UK office furniture supplier, with everything you need to work well at home, from tables to bookcases and filing cabinets – and all at great prices.

Based in central Glasgow, our dedicated call centre is open 8am – 8pm and staffed by dozens of office furniture specialists. We offer next day delivery of fully assembled home office furniture, and we’ll even take away all packaging for recycling.

We also offer 30-day trials of our products, together with flexible payment terms. Swift delivery is made possible thanks to our extensive network of trucks and couriers allowing rapid distribution UK-wide.

What’s more, we won’t be beaten on price – check out our best price guarantee. Give us a call today or visit our website and learn more.

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3 Tips for Kitting Out a Home Office

July 23, 2013

Working from home may be the Holy Grail of working life for most folks dragging themselves through the daily commute, but it can present issues for those who are able to make the transition long-term. What about time management? Will there ever be a reason to change out of their pyjamas, again? Is the bed a workable desk-substitute?

1. Plan the environment

Sitting on the couch in pyjamas with a laptop balanced on their legs is fine for the odd bit of home work, but it’s not a healthy long-term solution. The home office needs to be properly designed to facilitate the job healthily and productively. For example, it’s pretty much impossible to work in the same room as the family watching TV and kids cascading around the furniture!

Choose a space, adapt it for working from home and guard it from outside influence, e.g. toys, household storage, etc.

2. Don’t forget risk assessments

According to the NHS, around 7.6 million work day were lost 2010-2011 due to musculoskeletal disorders like back pain. Many of these were the result of furniture at work problems like poor posture and the wrong office chair for an individual’s needs (N.B. Working lying down in bed is not good for the spine!)

Look into common furniture at work problems like poor lighting, the causes of back pain, and so on. The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) is a great online resource for folks working from home. They carry plenty of free online guides and checklists on their website.

3. Light it right

Poor lighting can cause eye pain and impact on the mood of the environment. Opt for several lighting sources to keep the space bright, free from shadows and as close to natural sunlight. Mirrors make great light diffusers in small or dull spaces.

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