What’s So Special About Your Office Chair?

October 31, 2016

We’re going to break it to you – just about everything.


We’ve helped you stay fit in the office but the reality is, if you’ve got a bad chair, the Eagle Pose can only do so much. So we gathered our knowledge and wits about us and dived into the important topic of – you guessed it – office chairs!


Your office chair is integral to your everyday work life and, as our infographic shows, you all have some pretty strong opinions about them. We asked 750 seasoned office workers about their thoughts, feelings and experiences with their office chairs and found out some amazing stuff.


Check out the facts we found in the infographic below, along with our top tips for getting the best out of your most essential piece of equipment. Chairs are more important than computers, right? We think so!


Got some seating insights you want to share? Some tips for office comfort? Or maybe want some advice on a new set of (chair) wheels? Get to Twitter and join the conversation using #BestOfficeFurniture and tagging us @Furniture_Work.


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Avoid risk of early death with Office Yoga

September 15, 2016

Following on from the success of our office yoga infographic, and the unfortunate news that office workers need to exercise for an hour a day to avoid risk of an early death; we’ve teamed up with a Manchester-based yoga teacher and two office workers to put together a manageable and effective yoga-based workout.

The report, published by UK medical journal Lancet, showed that sedentary desk work is now as big a risk to public health as smoking. The numbers speak for themselves, with smoking contributing to more than 5 million deaths a year, and ‘inactivity’ now hitting similar highs.

Many of us do spend a lot of our day chained to a desk, which is why top quality, ergonomic office chairs and work desks are of utmost importance – now more than ever. Over half of men and women currently fail to meet the UK health guidance of 30 minutes of physical activity a day, and we want to change this!

Our latest campaign video features Manchester Yoga School’s Samantha Shaw, who puts our office workers through their paces in this specially designed, #OfficeYoga routine, varying from beginners to advanced, meaning everyone can get involved, no matter what your level of expertise.

Watch the video in full below, and head over to Twitter to join the conversation using #OfficeYoga and tag us @Furniture_Work, we would love to hear from you!


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Elevenses in the Office

March 30, 2016

Following the success of our Healthy Desk Lunch eBook, we have decided to bring you a second installment… Welcome to the Elevenses in the Office Recipe eBook. This time, we’ve complied a curation of quick, easy and delicious recipes for those mid-morning snacks that beckon us all come 11am on a working day.


We believe your break times during the working week should be all about you. This book features a selection of healthy and wholesome snacks alongside some real ‘sweet treats’ as per true office tradition. After all, you work hard so you deserve it!


All recipes are certified to be eaten in the office during a well-earnt break, but they can also be enjoyed any time, any place. Some make the perfect breakfast alternative or afternoon pick-me-up too. Thank you to all the lovely bloggers for sharing their unique recipes.


Download the eBook for free below & let us know your favourite recipes on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #OfficeElevenses – we would love to hear from you!

Elevenses - Blog banner

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Healthy Desk Lunch Recipe eBook

March 17, 2016

Who says lunch at work has to be unhealthy? Here at Furniture at Work, we pride ourselves on having a great office lunch, from the comfort of our desks. It’s that one hour of the working day to yourself and what better way to spend it than with one of these fantastic healthy desk lunch recipes.


We’ve teamed up with sixteen of our favourite food bloggers to bring you a free and downloadable collection of quick, easy and delicious recipes for those lunch breaks at work.


These recipes combine speed & goodness to keep you going throughout the day, whether they are prepared the day before or on your break (if you work at home).


Download the eBook for free below & let us know your favourite recipes using the hash tag #HealthyDeskLunch on our Twitter and Facebook pages.


healthy desk lunch recipe ebook

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Your New Year’s resolutions at work

January 11, 2016

Last month on the Furniture at Work blog, we asked you all to get thinking about your office design New Year’s Resolutions, which could have been anything from new office furniture, a new look and feel to your office decor, a new approach to food in the office or a wishlist of office gadgets to make your work life easier.

We took to Twitter to gather your resolutions, and were overwhelmed with the responses. Below we have gathered our favourites, thank you so much to all of you who got involved!


“To make sure I take a proper lunch break” Nikki, someplacestrange.net


“Be more ergonomic, dynamic and proactive. Drink less coffee & continually email cleanse!” Amanda, ginger-mum.com


“Stop working so much overtime and have more family time!” Loti, mamamakesandbakes.co.uk


“Stop putting off boring tasks and do them first to get them out of the way” Gemma, gemscountrylife.com


Some really great resolutions from a mixture of people who work in either a workplace office or a home office. Our ultimate favourite resolution is below, from Samantha at cocobutterblog.co.uk. We loved Samantha’s resolution so much we have added it to our infographic to showcase it in all it’s glory. We think this is a great resolution as it’s applicable to so many people in office environments, be them at home or in the workplace. Samantha says she wants to;


“Transform the creative space from a dumping ground to an inspirational area to come up with brilliant ideas!” and we couldn’t agree more that many people neglect their office space, when in fact it is one of the most important places to keep fresh, tidy and organised so that your work ideas can flow without disruption. Check out our other blogs for more tips on how to kit our the perfect home office and the importance of good quality office furniture. 

Office Furniture Design

Office Design New Year’s Resolution from Samantha at www.cocobutterblog.co.uk

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What’s your office design New Year’s Resolution?

December 24, 2015
What is your office New Year's Resolution for 2016?

What is your office New Year’s Resolution for 2016?

It might be Christmas eve, but at Furniture at Work, we are already thinking about the New Year. A new year, for many, means a new start and new possibilities. It’s a chance to reflect upon the past, evaluate the current year and think about where improvements can be made… Both at home, and in the office.

So we thought this might be the ideal time to reach out to our followers and ask: What’s your office design New Year’s Resolution for 2016? We want to know, if you look back on the past year, what could be improved in your office set-up, be it at home or in the work place? What would you change? Or, what worked well? Are there any new office gadgets you have seen that might make your work life easier? Has your back-ache finally convinced you to invest in new office furniture? Or, do you just need to simply keep your work space tidier and more organised for a more efficient way of working?

Areas we would like to focus on are: Office Furniture, Food in the Office and Office Gadgets.

Below are some of the best resolutions we have received so far, a big thanks to all who have tweeted us their resolutions to date – keep them coming!

In the new year, we will be collating the best resolutions into an infographic that summarises the past, present and future of office design. The infographic will feature some of your aspirations for office design upgrades and how you hope to make overall improvements to your working environments!


A big thanks to @MamaMakesBlog who says her resolution is to “stop working so much overtime and have more family time!” – we agree that although work is a big part of our lives, family time is very important so make sure you strike that work-life balance as best you can!


Also @CocoButterBlog who says she wants to “transform the creative space from a dumping ground to an inspirational area to come up with brilliant ideas!” A fantastic resolution that shows the importance of how your office environment is set out. Those creative ideas need space to flow!


@TheSarahStoryNI has plans to “convert my spare bedroom into an office I can comfortably work from!” So in the new year, Sarah will certainly be looking to upgrade her current furniture with some practical, comfortable office furniture that will really boost her productivity. And @emmaloublogger is just generally looking to “get organised” and she says she is quite untidy sometimes.


Whatever your office design resolution might be, we want to hear from you! If you would like to get involved, please tweet your resolutions to @Furniture_Work and let us know just how your office design could be improved in 2016 and stay posted for the infographic coming early 2016!

Perhaps your office gadgets need an upgrade?

Perhaps your office gadgets need an upgrade?


Looking for a tidier, more organised work space?

Looking for a tidier, more organised work space?

Looking to source a bigger, better office space?

Looking to source a bigger, better office space?

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Are Swiss Balls as chairs really such a good idea?

November 25, 2013

Office ergonomics is something all conscious business owners should be aware of. It should feature in the initial planning of every office environment and should influence the office furniture you buy. The range of office furniture UK businesses have to choose from is vast, but you need to ensure it is set up in the best possible way too. But ergonomics isn’t always a staid and boring topic, and occasionally it gets downright quirky – all in the name of design partnering with good health practices. Take, for example, Swiss balls.

In recent years, a visitor to any trendy design company wouldn’t be surprised to see the employees sitting (okay, balancing precariously) at their desks on Swiss balls. These over-sized beach balls have been used in gyms for years for developing core strength, balance and fitness, but do they really have a place as office furniture?

There’s now gathering opinion that is starting to challenge the concept and suggests that perhaps we should all be returning to ergonomically designed chairs instead.

A laudable idea – just not a good one

According to Jeanie Croasmun, writing in The Ergonomics Report: “The intent of the ball chair developers was laudable: to take an item that seems to be beneficial in an area of health care (rehabilitation and strengthening/wellness) and apply the same principle to the office.” But while the idea may be laudable, the application, she believes, is flawed: “The exercise ball might be great for strengthening and toning in the gym or at home, but it can’t compete with a truly ergonomic chair for long-term sitting in an office environment.”

Focusing in on what’s important

Jeanie isn’t alone, and a host of other experts have started coming out against the over-use of what is effectively a piece of gym equipment in a completely alien environment.

You’ve also got to ask yourself – are they really that comfortable to sit on all day long? Strengthening your core muscles may give you a six-pack, but does focusing on not falling off your seat all day mean that you’re not focused on your work? Swiss balls as a piece of ergonomic furniture may be ‘trendy’, but it seems that, like all trends, the backlash has started and that 2014 may well see a move back towards well-designed ergonomic office furniture online and in stores across the UK.

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Confidentiality in the workplace

November 17, 2013

Regardless of what kind of business you operate, chances are there will be confidential documents that need to be kept in secure storage. Whether it’s financial records, clients details or staff files, there is a responsibility to the business owner to ensure that these confidential documents are always safe under lock and key.

Secure storage for clients

Whether you’re working from home or sourcing office furniture for a 300-person strong company, clients need to have their details protected with secure storage. The majority of filing cabinets will have central locking systems and sometimes even individual locking for each drawer. But remember not to leave the key in the lock, as that tends to defeat the point somewhat!

Confidentiality isn’t just about locking information away though, it’s also about dealing with it appropriately. If you have a locked cabinet for instance that just deals with one client, should their name really be on the tag on the front for everyone to see? In some industries that isn’t a problem but if you’re a law firm or working in connection with medical records, then that may not be acceptable.

Secure storage isn’t a consideration just for current documents and information either. It’s also important to think about what happens to that paperwork when it’s obsolete. Ensuring that you have correct confidential shredders is vital to keeping client information private, no matter how innocuous it may seem.

Secure storage for staff

Providing secure storage for staff is a top priority when looking after their needs and requirements. The extent and size to which secure storage is provided will depend on the nature of the work but, at the very least, a locking drawer in or next to each desk gives staff the knowledge that they can keep their valuables safe while they’re at work.

In companies where changes of clothes or shoes are required then personal lockers are the way forward and provide employees with their own, lockable space. In situations where long working hours are frequent, lockers also give extra flexibility to staff to keep personal items that they made need, safe.

Even in a three person office, everyone requires their own personal secure storage as well as secure storage for their clients. While it can be easy to overlook personal confidentiality in a small and friendly environment – it doesn’t make it any less vital and all employees have a right to lock up their belongings.

Security, responsibility and reputation

Businesses are only as good as how their clients view them and so it doesn’t matter how many high profile contracts you’ve completed, if you compromise your client’s interests, you’re in a bad way. Confidentiality is the absolute cornerstone of trust and one simple mistake can cost your business its reputation. Taking precautions against break-ins, unauthorised movement of files and documents and the exposure of documents when they’re being used is a good habit to get into.

Simple steps to ensure that you are deserving of your clients’ and employees’ trust can make all the difference. Investing in secure, responsible storage is an easy way to make a good start and sourcing office furniture online gives you flexibility, a wide choice and the vital ability to keep costs down.

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Solve workplace problems with the right furniture at work

June 6, 2013

A business is only as good as its employees, and if those employees suffer from health issues as a result of their environment you’re not going to achieve the necessary targets. Poor-quality furniture has a lot to answer for—back pain, problems with eyesight and general health niggles can often be attributed to furniture that isn’t suitable for the job in hand. This means if you choose wisely you’ll be able to solve a great deal of furniture at work problems.

Let’s start with the most common complaint of all—back problems. Such issues are prevalent in an office environment for the simple reason that employees spend the majority of their day sitting down, and a lot of the time they don’t have the right furniture to accommodate. If the chair can’t be adjusted to suit different heights and seating positions your workers will quickly become uncomfortable. Health issues can be further aggravated if computer monitors aren’t properly aligned or if keyboards aren’t in the right place. Of course, employees should always be taught ways to make their workstation suitable, but the right furniture will provide the foundation.

Then there’s the legal aspect to consider. Health and safety should be a core part of business policy and workplace furniture can actually make all the difference—if employees are suffering as a result of you failing to provide the necessary equipment you could be held liable, and negligence claims can soon stack up. That means potential lawsuits can be avoided if you choose products wisely, and what about productivity? Workers that are safe, comfortable and happy will be more motivated and will have fewer sick days too, so it makes sound financial sense as much as anything else.

Health complaints, safety concerns and myriad furniture at work problems can be easily avoided if you choose the right pieces of kit for the job in hand, so make sure to do your research and you’ll be able to find furniture that can solve all your workplace issues.

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