Avoid risk of early death with Office Yoga

September 15, 2016

Following on from the success of our office yoga infographic, and the unfortunate news that office workers need to exercise for an hour a day to avoid risk of an early death; we’ve teamed up with a Manchester-based yoga teacher and two office workers to put together a manageable and effective yoga-based workout.

The report, published by UK medical journal Lancet, showed that sedentary desk work is now as big a risk to public health as smoking. The numbers speak for themselves, with smoking contributing to more than 5 million deaths a year, and ‘inactivity’ now hitting similar highs.

Many of us do spend a lot of our day chained to a desk, which is why top quality, ergonomic office chairs and work desks are of utmost importance – now more than ever. Over half of men and women currently fail to meet the UK health guidance of 30 minutes of physical activity a day, and we want to change this!

Our latest campaign video features Manchester Yoga School’s Samantha Shaw, who puts our office workers through their paces in this specially designed, #OfficeYoga routine, varying from beginners to advanced, meaning everyone can get involved, no matter what your level of expertise.

Watch the video in full below, and head over to Twitter to join the conversation using #OfficeYoga and tag us @Furniture_Work, we would love to hear from you!


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Your New Year’s resolutions at work

January 11, 2016

Last month on the Furniture at Work blog, we asked you all to get thinking about your office design New Year’s Resolutions, which could have been anything from new office furniture, a new look and feel to your office decor, a new approach to food in the office or a wishlist of office gadgets to make your work life easier.

We took to Twitter to gather your resolutions, and were overwhelmed with the responses. Below we have gathered our favourites, thank you so much to all of you who got involved!


“To make sure I take a proper lunch break” Nikki, someplacestrange.net


“Be more ergonomic, dynamic and proactive. Drink less coffee & continually email cleanse!” Amanda, ginger-mum.com


“Stop working so much overtime and have more family time!” Loti, mamamakesandbakes.co.uk


“Stop putting off boring tasks and do them first to get them out of the way” Gemma, gemscountrylife.com


Some really great resolutions from a mixture of people who work in either a workplace office or a home office. Our ultimate favourite resolution is below, from Samantha at cocobutterblog.co.uk. We loved Samantha’s resolution so much we have added it to our infographic to showcase it in all it’s glory. We think this is a great resolution as it’s applicable to so many people in office environments, be them at home or in the workplace. Samantha says she wants to;


“Transform the creative space from a dumping ground to an inspirational area to come up with brilliant ideas!” and we couldn’t agree more that many people neglect their office space, when in fact it is one of the most important places to keep fresh, tidy and organised so that your work ideas can flow without disruption. Check out our other blogs for more tips on how to kit our the perfect home office and the importance of good quality office furniture. 

Office Furniture Design

Office Design New Year’s Resolution from Samantha at www.cocobutterblog.co.uk

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What’s your office design New Year’s Resolution?

December 24, 2015
What is your office New Year's Resolution for 2016?

What is your office New Year’s Resolution for 2016?

It might be Christmas eve, but at Furniture at Work, we are already thinking about the New Year. A new year, for many, means a new start and new possibilities. It’s a chance to reflect upon the past, evaluate the current year and think about where improvements can be made… Both at home, and in the office.

So we thought this might be the ideal time to reach out to our followers and ask: What’s your office design New Year’s Resolution for 2016? We want to know, if you look back on the past year, what could be improved in your office set-up, be it at home or in the work place? What would you change? Or, what worked well? Are there any new office gadgets you have seen that might make your work life easier? Has your back-ache finally convinced you to invest in new office furniture? Or, do you just need to simply keep your work space tidier and more organised for a more efficient way of working?

Areas we would like to focus on are: Office Furniture, Food in the Office and Office Gadgets.

Below are some of the best resolutions we have received so far, a big thanks to all who have tweeted us their resolutions to date – keep them coming!

In the new year, we will be collating the best resolutions into an infographic that summarises the past, present and future of office design. The infographic will feature some of your aspirations for office design upgrades and how you hope to make overall improvements to your working environments!


A big thanks to @MamaMakesBlog who says her resolution is to “stop working so much overtime and have more family time!” – we agree that although work is a big part of our lives, family time is very important so make sure you strike that work-life balance as best you can!


Also @CocoButterBlog who says she wants to “transform the creative space from a dumping ground to an inspirational area to come up with brilliant ideas!” A fantastic resolution that shows the importance of how your office environment is set out. Those creative ideas need space to flow!


@TheSarahStoryNI has plans to “convert my spare bedroom into an office I can comfortably work from!” So in the new year, Sarah will certainly be looking to upgrade her current furniture with some practical, comfortable office furniture that will really boost her productivity. And @emmaloublogger is just generally looking to “get organised” and she says she is quite untidy sometimes.


Whatever your office design resolution might be, we want to hear from you! If you would like to get involved, please tweet your resolutions to @Furniture_Work and let us know just how your office design could be improved in 2016 and stay posted for the infographic coming early 2016!

Perhaps your office gadgets need an upgrade?

Perhaps your office gadgets need an upgrade?


Looking for a tidier, more organised work space?

Looking for a tidier, more organised work space?

Looking to source a bigger, better office space?

Looking to source a bigger, better office space?

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Creating an office to suit the needs of today’s worker

March 20, 2015

Technology has changed the way we work. Up until a few short years ago, people were tied to their desks, relying on PCs and landline phones to complete their tasks and communicate with the outside world. Now, people are much freer in terms of where they do their work, and this has had a huge impact on the way in which offices are designed. Also, employees’ expectations have evolved. Individuals are no longer prepared to put up with dull, dreary working areas. Instead, they want dynamic, appealing offices.


Given the huge developments that have taken place in the world of workplace design over recent years, you might feel unsure about how to create the perfect base for your business. However, help is at hand. This brief guide talks you through the basics of modern office design.


Focus on flexibility


Instead of populating most, if not all, of your working environment with conventional workstations comprising standard desks and chairs, it’s worth considering incorporating different zones within your office. For example, a rising number of organisations are adding designated breakout areas to their workspaces where employees can go to have informal meetings and discussions with their colleagues.

We offer a selection of products that can be ideal in these zones, including our Harmonica breakout seating and Cubist modular seating. If you’re worried about noise carrying across to the rest of your office, you can use floor screens to cordon it off. For added volume control, we offer versions with 40mm foam cushioning.


Introduce fun elements


Many people are spending longer than ever at work. To help break up the monotony of the daily grind, many companies are introducing fun elements to their offices to boost staff morale. Tech firms like Google are leading the charge. The web giant has included a range of innovative features in its workspaces around the globe, including games rooms and even slides.


OK, so slides might be taking things a step too far in your office, but a small games area could be a savvy investment. There is some sound logic behind the addition of these recreational spaces. After all, when personnel have the opportunity to really unwind and relax during their breaks, they tend to be more productive once they get back to their desks. Games areas can also help colleagues to bond, and they can help companies to recruit and retain the best personnel.


Never compromise on quality


The days when firms could get away with providing their staff members with shoddy workstations have gone. Now, people expect their employers to protect their wellbeing, and good quality chairs and desks play an important role in this. Substandard furnishings can be uncomfortable to use, and over time, they can even cause injury. According to figures provided by the Health and Safety Executive, there were a total of over 500,000 reported cases of musculoskeletal disorders in the UK in 2013-14, and many of these may have be caused or compounded by poor quality furniture.


With this in mind, it’s well worth investing in quality products like the chairs and desks included in our impressive range.

As long as you get these office design basics right, you should be able to create the perfect environment for your workers.


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Workstation health and safety: what you need to know

March 16, 2015

If you work in an office environment, you may be unaware of the impact that a poorly arranged workstation can have on your health. From postural problems, to eyestrain, headaches and fatigue, there are numerous health problems that can arise from an unhealthy desk layout. The good news is that many of these problems can be avoided. By arranging your workstation to allow for maximum comfort, you can prevent these troubles and benefit from a more healthy and productive working environment.

Desk and chairs

First and foremost, it’s important to have the right chairs and desk. An ergonomically designed chair that has an adjustable back, height and tilt can help you to avoid back pain. To prevent postural problems from developing, adjust your chair so that your lower back is properly supported. Chairs with high backs and contoured lower back areas are particularly effective at providing all-important support and comfort. As a general rule of thumb, your knees should be level with your hips, your elbows at a right angle and your feet flat on the floor. Try to avoid crossing your legs, as this can cause your posture to become twisted.


Computer screens that are too high or too low can cause you to strain your neck. To stop you from having to raise and lower your head, position your screen so that it is directly in front of you and the top of the monitor is at eye level. It’s also important to make sure that your computer is at a comfortable distance – roughly an arm’s length away.

To avoid headaches and eyestrain, your screen needs to be as glare-free as possible. To stop reflection from inside lighting and sunlight, you may need to use blinds or reposition your desk.

Mouse and keyboards

Just like your computer screen, your keyboard should be directly in front of you when you are typing. Try to leave around six inches at the front of the desk to rest your hands and wrists after long periods of typing. To maintain the right posture, keep your elbows at your side while using the keyboard. For added comfort, you may want to use a padded wrist rest. Your mouse should also be as close to you as possible so that you can keep your wrist straight.

Workstation arrangement

If you work in an office environment, your workstation is where you will spend a large chunk of your day, so it’s important to get the layout spot on. To avoid repeatedly twisting and stretching, make sure that frequently-used objects, such as your telephone and stationery, are within easy reach. Meanwhile, your desk must be spacious with adequate room to allow for easy movement.

If you think your workstation is having an adverse impact on your health, take a look around our site to see our ergonomically designed furniture.

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Looking after your new office furniture

July 8, 2014

Investing in new office furniture can make a huge difference to how your business is perceived as well as to the morale of those working for you. By improving how comfortable and attractive your office space is, you should be able to improve your reputation at the same time as reducing the chances of health problems being experienced by your staff. You may also find that sourcing the right types of furniture allows you to make far better use of the space available to you, and simultaneously ensures that employees can be a great deal more productive, whether working alone or collaborating with others.


Here at Furniture at Work, we have an array of furnishing solutions to help you maximise your productivity as well as the aesthetics of your workplace. However, to get the best value for money and to ensure that your business stays appealing for as long as possible to both employees and visitors, it will be important to care for your furniture in the most appropriate way.



Whilst new chairs and desks will help improve the look and productivity of your office, don’t overlook the importance of regular maintenance. From tightening screws and bolts to applying appropriate finishes to desks, not only might certain maintenance steps help you to keep your furniture functional, but certain steps may also actually help improve aesthetics too. It will also be worth inspecting furniture for damage every six months or so to ensure that small issues don’t turn into big ones over time. Don’t always assume your staff will tell you when there is a problem – many will stay silent so as not to kick up a fuss and may see their health or efficiency suffer as a result.



Ensure every employee treats furniture with respect. Don’t be afraid of putting up information or training individuals in how to best look after your office furniture. Putting too much weight or pressure on weaker parts of chairs or desks could easily lead to furniture being damaged, whilst simply having desks or chairs in the wrong position could mean that they become an accident waiting to happen.



Dusting should take place on a daily basis, using a dry cloth, whilst a damp cloth should be used to clean desks on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Avoid using chemicals on wooden desks, as these can damage the finish or leave streaks on the surface.

When in doubt about the best products to use on an item of furniture, always check with the manufacturer before diving in. In fact, it is always worth talking to suppliers about how best to clean furniture before you buy them, not only to ensure that you know the best cleaning solution from the start, but also to ensure that you are buying the right furniture for your own needs.

Always read the care instructions that come with any piece of furniture, keeping them on file to consult should you need to at a later date.



Not all desks, storage solutions and office chairs will be created equally. Consider the particular needs of your workforce and the tools, stock or assets your furniture may need to accommodate to ensure that you are not overloading your furniture and in turn, greatly reducing its lifespan as well as how safe it happens to be.

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Why Employers Need To Protect Their Office Workers’ Wellbeing

October 23, 2013

A company’s workers are undoubtedly its most vital asset therefore it is absolutely imperative that employers do everything they can to protect the wellbeing of their staff. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by investing in suitable furniture. After all, many office workers these days spend up to eight hours a day sitting at the same workstation so ensuring they are comfortable is the least an employer can do.

Furniture at Work Complaints

It is not a surprise to learn that workers who are forced to use uncomfortable, substandard furniture invariably find themselves developing health issues of one kind or another sooner or later. However, furniture at work complaints of this kind are not things which pop up overnight; they develop slowly over a long period of time. So, whilst employees with stiff backs and other musculoskeletal problems may think they are just feeling the effects of a big night out or a poor night’s sleep, they will actually be exacerbating a problem which is only likely to get worse and worse. More people than ever in the UK now suffer from musculoskeletal disorders. It is widely believed that many of these disorders are caused by sitting and typing in awkward positions for prolonged periods of time. Disorders of this kind are related to neck pain as well as sever discomfort in the shoulders, arms, back, hips and knees.

Impacted Productivity

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), around 11.6 million working days are lost each year to work-related musculoskeletal disorders. So, alongside the moral issue of keeping employees fit and well simply because it’s the right thing to do, it is also clear to see that investing in well designed office furniture makes good business sense too.

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Meeting Storage Requirements

September 28, 2013

Many furniture at work problems arise due to poor storage solutions that are not adapted for their primary purpose. Of course, storage invariably always does get used but this does not mean that space is being used effectively. Using filing cabinets to store bulky items, for instance, may not only waste space but it could also damage the cabinet.

Versatility Is Key

Even despite data becoming ever more digitised, hard copies of important documents are still required. If these documents are private and contain sensitive data, they really should be kept under lock and key. Lockable cabinets can solve many furniture at work problems that arise, particularly if those cabinets themselves are being kept in a secure room that is rarely accessed or easily monitored.

Lateral filers are great for those offices where some storage is required but perhaps doesn’t need to be high density. Double wide foolscap storage can offer plenty of storage over time without sacrificing too much space in the office. Investing in a cabinet with a nice finish can also serve to improve the look of the office.

High Density

4+ storey filing cabinets are a great way to store large numbers of files together. The more adaptive options on the market will allow you to stack side by side with differing heights to allow you to adapt to the environment by placing some cabinets beneath workstation desks.


Multidrawer flat and wide filers can allow you to store all sorts of different items, from tools to paper. These are very handy to have around since you can store everything you need in one compact cabinet that won’t take up so much space. With a small investment in a worktop it could put to further use to give more space in the work area.

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Easy Solutions To Furniture At Work Complaints

September 26, 2013

<2>Good Posture

Many furniture at work complaints come from repeating the same action every day non-stop. For those businesses who have invested wisely, the equipment itself might not be to blame – it could be bad posture or an incorrectly set up chair, table or other device. It is important to note however, that if you expect your employees to sit and work for 8 hours a day that they need not only regular breaks but also a chair that is adjustable. Chairs that don’t adjust will cause problems eventually, since they should offer ample support for the back and hips as well as allowing the elbows to remain parallel to the worktop. Knees should also be level or below the hips, certainly not below. If possible, a foot rest might also be provided.

Ensuring that employees know how to set up their workstation effectively requires no specialist training. They simply need to follow these simple guidelines. The issue does however change for those employers who must cater for pregnant women and those with physical disabilities. This can require some expert insight if you have not already received it but should not be prohibitively priced.

Breaks And Exercise

A regular break every hour or so can not only stave off the effects of sitting but can also yield productivity increases. If some employees are suffering through sitting then it can help to do some simple exercises to make furniture at work complaints a thing of the past. Exercises designed to work the wrists, neck and spine can really help to stretch those muscles and tendons that can become fatigued during the day. Information should be available on the specifics of each exercise, although it is always a good idea to gain access to some occupational training to ensure that employees have the knowledge to keep themselves safe.

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No need to let clutter overtake your office

September 18, 2013

Clutter is the bane of many an office manager’s life. It’s amazing how quickly paperwork, files and other items can build up in working environments and if this problem isn’t tackled promptly, it can escalate.

Luckily, it’s now easy to source cheap office furniture to help combat clutter. Here at Furniture At Work™ we sell a range of items that could be just what you’re looking for.

Nip it in the bud

If you can, it’s really helpful to nip growing levels of clutter in the bud. The earlier you address the issue, the easier your task will be.

Burying your head in the sand and simply hoping things will get better is the worst possible thing to do. Over time, the mess in your office will simply get worse and worse, meaning that you’ll have more clearing up to do.

The business case

There is a strong business case for combating the clutter. When workers have to put up with messy working conditions, they can’t operate as efficiently. They might struggle to find important items to help them get on with their work. Also, employee morale tends to fall in chaotic environments, and this causes productivity to fall yet further.

Meanwhile, piles of paperwork, files and other items can pose a health and safety risk to employees. Slips and trips are all too common in workplaces around the UK. Ultimately, these accidents can result in potentially long and costly legal proceedings.

Take your pick

By perusing our online catalogue, you can take your pick from a whole arrange of storage items, including office bookcases, wooden cupboards and much more. We should have everything you need and ordering from us is quick and easy.

Best of all, we offer unrivalled value for money. This means that even if you’re operating on a limited budget, you shouldn’t struggle to buy all the products you need.

Getting your staff members on board

It’s important to bear in mind that buying these products is only one part of the story. They will prove useless if your workers don’t use them properly. Therefore, it’s a good idea to issue some guidance to your employees when you take delivery of the storage items.

Getting them involved in a general office clear-up may help to convey the importance of keeping things organised. Also, implementing careful labelling systems can help ensure that files and other objects are stored correctly, thereby ensuring they can be retrieved quickly and without any hassle.

Time for general improvements?

When you are taking a look around our website, our chairs and desks may also catch your eye. Now could be a great time to generally revamp your working area. Our products are top-quality and will stand the test of time, meaning they represent a great investment.

By tackling the clutter in your office and making sure it looks and feels the part, you can create an area that is pleasant to spend time in. Given how many hours you and your workers put in at your desks, this is really important.

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