Utilising Office Bookshelves Well

October 31, 2012

Bookshelves are an interesting feature in an office. They aren’t the most common feature because so much these days is stored digitally or online, but they do have particular uses in different environments. Part of that use is functional and part of it is for image. At Furniture At Work ™ we have a large range from the purely functional to the intrinsically stylish. The important thing for you to ask is “what do I go for?” The most stylish bookcase that you can order from our office furniture online store is the wooden arc bookcase. It is designed to be thoroughly contemporary with curves snaking their way down the bookcase creating shelves for each level. Its retro-modern design is a great feature for any private commercial or home office that must communicate something of the person behind the desk. It has a real wood veneer construction and can take a maximum load of 50 kilograms per shelf making it one of our heaviest loading designer shelving units too. With Black Ash, Walnut and Oak to choose from, you have a range of tonality to blend with your current design aesthetic. The only problem then is which items to display on it.

While real wood bookcases may be an option for executive offices it isn’t necessarily an option for all. We have a great range of more affordable bookcases that are designed for ease of use as well as building in some aesthetic consideration. Our steel open bookcases can allow employees to quickly and easily find what they are looking for. The great thing about the Stormor Mono Starter Bay and other units is that they are manufactured to stringent quality control regulations, most notably BS EN ISO 90001:2000 which ensures that it is a safe item for use in an office environment which is great for storing important books, documentation or other items. This item can also be adjusted very easily so you can store bulkier items that other more traditional shelves simply cannot take.

If you are looking for closed varieties then the Stormor Duo Closed Starter Bay is the answer. It is also manufactured to BS EN ISO 90001:2000 but this one also complies with the clear access requirements of BS 5454. These shelves can also be placed together to extend their storage capacity with the Stormor Duo Closed Extension Bay which is a great way to cut on costs.

Corner bookcases are great because they can make use of space that would otherwise be wasted. If you are struggling for space in your business or home office, then one of these could provide a surprising amount of storage room. We have both open and closed varieties so you can make things as accessible or as private as you need. The shelves can take standard lever arch files while the unit itself meets BS 476 PT7 Class 1 standards. The units also come with a lengthy 6 year warranty and can be rapidly assembled.

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Great Reception Chairs For That First Impression

October 25, 2012

Office furniture doesn’t just mean the items that only internal employees will see, it also means items that can be used for seating visitors and delegates. These seats are particularly important because they will form part of your first presentation as a company that could have a larger impact on the opinion of people than you think. Being able to treat people to a nice seating area that allows them to feel the quality of the place they are in, while also perhaps taking in your branding, logo and processes is very important. While first impressions in interpersonal relationships might be glib, in business you often don’t get the chance to improve upon them. An important delegate might only see your business once and it is in this one meeting you have to make all of your impressions count. This can place a huge importance on the front that a business presents and at Furniture At Work ™ we have some great options for you. We have modular reception chairs that allow you to place them around as you desire, so you can make the best of the space you have to offer in your reception area. The great thing is that this seating offer is also BS7176 medium hazard compliant, meaning you can rely on it to not cause you any problems with regards to meeting regulations. The chairs are comfortable and can seat as many people as you wish also coming a wide variety of different colours giving you the maximum scope to combine it with your pre-existing decor. Because we don’t want to impose on the designs in your office, the style is simple but effective allowing our chairs to blend in with a variety of different designs.

If you are looking for something a little more stylish, we can also accommodate you and your guests without breaking the bank. Office reception furniture doesn’t necessarily have to be unadventurous and this is certainly the case with our leather and vinyl reception range. Leather chairs are particularly great for those design agencies for whom impressions are at the forefront of what they do. Many of these designs go very well in areas that are meant for impact, such as rooms that are primarily made of stone or other open brickwork areas. With such a variety of designs it will be easier for you to pick a design from our range that rationalises with the impression that you are trying to create. Many of these chairs are luxurious because sometimes it is vital to make your guests feel important. The Moreto Chair is a great example of this with strong but stylish V shape chrome legs as well as a thoroughly contemporary design. Possible the most contemporary design award must go to the Gallup, however. Its effortlessly elegant circular design is tailor made for social areas, which means its great for creative or relaxing breakout areas as well. Being able to move such stylish furniture to fit different functions can improve the return on investment that you might see with a particular piece of furniture.

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Stylish And Functional Filing Cabinets

October 20, 2012

Filing cabinets are an effective way of keeping important documents safe and accessible in your business. Despite the increasing digitisation of documents, there is still a need for important documents to be on hand, a fact that is made all the more imperative when signatures are involved. At Furniture At Work ™ we have a wide variety of cabinets for you to choose from including economy filers, Bisley Multidrawers as well as lateral filers. Each of these is very affordably priced, giving you a variety of options that can allow you to store everything you want. Of course, if you are looking for many filing systems, then we can offer you bulk savings when you order office furniture online.

A 2 drawer filing cabinet is perfect for storing those important documents in a neat and orderly fashion. Our lateral side filers are a great option being double sized for twice the storage room and available in 3 finishes including Beech, Oak and Maple. The foolscap/A4 suspension filing frame is easy to use and will stand up to even heavy full documents that can increase the load on them. The drawer opening mechanism is smooth and effective as well, making this a perfect addition to any office where a touch of class is necessary. Most importantly, the drawers have a central locking system meaning that it is the perfect option to keep those private documents safe where they belong. The unit comes with 2 keys.

As part of our Wood Line, we have a 4 drawer filing cabinet which is perfect for fitting foolscap files. Much like the lateral filing cabinet above, this one comes with central locks which are great for keeping lots of files, like medical documents, safe. Our wood line looks great and will go well in any office in formats of 2, 3 or 4 drawers. For ease of use, the drawer has handles that span the entire width of the unit while the 6 year guarantee will give you peace of mind that this unit is built to last.

If you are looking for something with a bit more aesthetic charm to it our French Gardens filing cabinets come in 2 and 4 drawer varieties. These are perfect for those home offices and private offices that need a bit more of a personal touch. Their traditional design with Odessa Pine finish will fit into a multitude of different design schemes, while the unit itself can hold A4 and foolscap files.

Alternatively we have 2, 3 and 4 drawer filing towers as part of economy ranges. These are available in brown/beige, grey and black giving you some scope for working in this unassuming, yet effortlessly functional filing system. Each drawer has a capacity of around 30 kilograms and can accept foolscap tab files. The runners are set on ball bearings which can give great longevity and will self-close at the merest push. These are great to have in corners or backing onto walls in aisles.

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Free Next Day Office Furniture

October 10, 2012

Businesses often need office equipment very quickly for a variety of reasons. Perhaps extra workers are being sent from another branch to help take advantage of a geographical surge in business, or perhaps it is just routine expansion that has meant a need for more equipment fast. Fortunately, Furniture At Work ™ has developed a hassle-free service that can get you what you want, when you want it with our next day office furniture service. You can order as many chairs, tables and storage solutions as you need to kit out an office space, turning it from a bare room into a functional, busy area. All you have to do is order before 5pm so we can get the equipment to you by the very next day. The best thing about this is that you won’t pay anything extra for the super-fast delivery, since we can offer it free. This means that the price you pay at the checkout will be the entire price you pay for office furniture next day delivery. Add to this the fact that we assure you that we won’t be beaten on price by any competitor, and you not only have the best delivery, but also the best price in the industry.

We offer this service because we realise how important it is for businesses to maintain their productivity. Waiting for deliveries to arrive just so work can commence is a very frustrating part of ordering office equipment. The next stage can be even more frustrating – assembly. A lot of equipment needs to be assembled, but in order to piece together each desk and storage solution and position it can take days. Again, we can offer help for no extra charge. Our experts will be able to help you put together the equipment as soon as possible as well as offer their expertise when it comes to effectively positioning your equipment in a room. One of the biggest obstructions to employee productivity is the placement of desks and storage. Getting this right can ensure that the office remains productive even when lots of work is going on. It is also important to consider who is going where because having people on sales phones next to people who need to concentrate isn’t always the best solution. Placing some storage items in between them can help, for instance.

Here at Furniture At Work ™ we welcome any bulk orders you want to make. We have the infrastructure and delivery capabilities to be able to get it all to you by the next day. This is why we are rapidly becoming one of the best options for rapid office furniture UK. We have a fleet of 120 trucks who work around the clock to get across the country, meaning that in the overwhelming majority of cases we will be able to get to you by the next day. If you have any enquiries or queries, our office professionals are on call between 8 am and 8 pm.

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Office Chairs For The Entire Company

October 2, 2012

When it comes to buying office chairs it is important to see things from the perspective of your employees. They will be sitting in these chairs for most of the day and will have a list of requirements that if not met could result in reduced productivity, a complaint, or even an injury. Chairs really ought to be adjustable in different ways so that people can move it under a desk adequately, lower its height and recline on it. Not all chairs have these functions, but satisfying a few of these requirements may be enough. Padding is also an important aspect that needs to be addressed, particularly for those who are to be sitting at a computer every day. Ergonomically designed chairs will make best use of padding that maintains its consistency and shape, even through prolonged usage. A high backed chair can support the shoulders while a contoured lower back will improve sitting posture which can make the chair effortless to sit in. Having arms is also a great aspect, since employees will be able to rest their elbows on them while operating a mouse with ease. Swivel chairs are also preferred, and those on runners will also be very easy to move around. Furniture At Work ™ have a wide variety of seating options for your employees, each of which have been designed to maximise comfort while also being cost effective. We also give you the option of buying in bulk in order to make a further saving.

If you are looking for something with a more premium look, then we have leather office chairs available at very affordable prices. At £40 for an adjustable chair with arms, it really is hard to go wrong, but the people who will benefit most will be those who use it. A leather chair not only gives comfort but also gives a room a more upmarket look, making these chairs great for boardrooms or anywhere you might be entertaining guests.

Cheap office furniture is great when you have to kit out many rooms, but sometimes it takes something more elegant for certain rooms. We have an upmarket range of leather chairs that are great for executive offices for when the look is often the most important aspect. Whether its complete comfort that can allow you to concentrate for many hours, or a place to have discussions where hierarchy is an important aspect, a leather chair can communicate many things. We have affordable premium options around £100 to £200 through to luxury items that are available for hundreds.

Fabric chairs are typically what you will find in many offices. They are designed for comfort and affordability, satisfying all of the requirements of employees and providing them with a solid base to work from. They are a great all round item that are comfortable to sit on for hours as well as being easy to clean. All of our fabric chairs are best bought in bulk to drive down the price.

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