Reduce stress with well designed and attractive offices

January 31, 2013

If you’re keen to reduce worker stress within your organisation, you’re not alone. Stress is a major issue among employees in the UK and as well as causing anxiety and problems for the individuals affected, along with their families, it also hits firms’ bottom lines.

When staff members feel under too much pressure, their productivity can plummet and relations within offices can become strained. Also, individuals are more likely to take time off work, and this is bad news for their employers.

The perfect storm

At present, Britain is in many ways experiencing the perfect storm when it comes to worker stress. Because of the economic conditions affecting the country, many people feel as though their jobs are in danger. In itself, this causes anxiety. However, it can also lead to workers taking on more responsibilities and tasks. To help save their roles, they may need to work harder and faster and this means added pressure.

Meanwhile, bosses are feeling the strain and this can feed through to lower level managers and ultimately to everyone else.

In addition, living costs are rising and wages for many individuals are failing to keep pace. This means that even when individuals head home after a hard day’s work, they might struggle to relax and unwind, instead worrying about household bills and other expenses.

Simple but effective

Tackling macroeconomic issues like these yourself may be out of the question. However, there are simple steps you can take reduce stress within your organisation. For example, investing in improved office furniture may help.

Initially, the types of seating and desks you have in your working environment may seem insignificant. However, they are anything but. By providing well designed and attractive furniture, you can help ensure that your personnel remain comfortable while at their desks. In turn, this can reduce their anxiety and frustration.

Take your pick

Here at Furniture At Work™ we understand the importance of superb furniture and provide a range of items that may be ideal for your company. Whether you’re after leather office chairs, desk screens or anything else, we can help.

Also, our items represent superb value for money, which may be welcome new if you’re operating on a limited budget.

Attention to detail

As well as getting hold of the right furniture, it helps to pay attention to the smaller details in your office. Simple things like adding some plants to your working environment and providing your personnel with fresh fruit can lift morale.

If you want to go that extra mile, you could even invest in some tasteful but cheerful artwork to bring a more vibrant and homely feel to the space.

People spend long hours at their workstations and so making sure that the areas are comfortable and pleasing to look at can have a profound impact on employees’ emotions and attitudes.

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about how we operate and to see whether or not we have the furniture you want for your office, just take a look around the rest of our website.

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How office screens may help you boost productivity

January 15, 2013

Productivity is a buzz word in business. If your firm is not operating as efficiently as possible, it may prove to be unsustainable. After all, there is plenty of competition in the market place these days and staying ahead of the game is not easy.

Also, trading conditions are tough. The economy hasn’t yet fully recovered from the banking crisis and finance is still proving hard to come by. Also, persuading people and organisations to part with their cash for goods and services is no mean feat.

A proactive approach

To help ensure your company is running as smoothly and effectively as possible, it’s a good idea to analyse each aspect of your operations to see if improvements can be made. For example, at present your office may be too noisy and chaotic, meaning workers struggle to concentrate.

If this is the case, now could be a good time to source new office furniture online. By being savvy and investing in the right products, you should find it is possible to bring greater calm to your working space.


Among the products that are well worth investigating are office screens. Don’t let the simplicity of these objects fool you. They can be highly effective in a whole range of working environments.

Here at Furniture At Work™ we sell an array of these items and should have the ideal versions for you. Some of the most popular partitions are desk screens. These can be used to create cubicle-like spaces for individual staff members or small groups of workers and they can significantly cut the level of distraction people face.

Floor screens are another option. These items can separate whole areas – in effect creating rooms within rooms. Lots of companies use them to designate particular departments or teams and they can also come in handy as a means of creating temporary meeting areas or interview rooms.

The perfect balance

There’s no doubting the fact that open plan offices tend to be cheaper to run than other forms of working space. Also, they can promote cross-business communication and cohesion. However, they aren’t without their problems. Unless you manage them effectively, they can quickly become loud and chaotic.

However, by investing in new office screens, you should be able to achieve the perfect balance. People can still find their colleagues easily and you get all the space saving benefits of open plan offices, but it’s also easy to control noise and distraction.


Meanwhile, these products are also hugely flexible. Because they are so light and easy to move, you can change their location and function as often as you please. This means you needn’t panic about putting them in the wrong place.

Basically, you can experiment with their position as much as you want until you’re completely happy with the results.

See for yourself

To check out our impressive range of screens for yourself, just take a look around our website. You won’t be disappointed by the level of choice you face and you might also be pleasantly surprised by our low prices.

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Revamp your image with new reception furniture

January 10, 2013

If you want to get 2013 off to a flying start, what better way than by revamping your reception area? This is the first thing visitors see when they enter your premises and so it’s important that it gives the perfect impression.

The great thing is, there is so much fabulous reception furniture for you to choose from that you shouldn’t struggle to find the perfect items.

Are you sitting comfortably?

One of your priorities may be your seating. After all, when potential customers, business partners and other people come to your premises, they’ll expect to feel comfortable and relaxed while they wait. If suitable seating isn’t available, this can give the wrong impression and it can sour people’s mood.

There are lots of superb reception seating options for you to consider and the sort you go for will depend on a number of factors.


For example, what style are you trying to convey? If you want to create a funky, modern look, you might decide tub chairs are ideal. These come in a variety of colours and designs, but they all have a contemporary feel. Also, you can use modular seating to create impressive visual effects that have a playful and fun appearance.

On the other hand, maybe something more traditional would suit. To achieve this effect, perhaps leather seating would be perfect. This has a classy and sophisticated elegance and is well worth considering.


Of course, there’s also practicality to consider. You’ll need to think carefully about how many people may use your seating at once and try to accommodate them. After all, forcing people to stand around does not come across as very professional.

If you need a lot of seating, modular solutions may be ideal and, depending on the nature of your organisation, you might also want to consider beam seating.

The ideal desk

There is also the desk to think about. Virtually all receptions feature desks of some description. Indeed, this item of furniture tends to be the focal point of the whole space. Thankfully, there are lots to choose from.

As well as finding versions that look right, you’ll need to make sure they are the right size. If you only use one receptionist, fairly small products might be the best option. On the other hand, if your reception area is busy and more staff members are needed to run it, bigger versions are needed.

Those little extras

While seating and desks may be the most important products you buy, it’s important to consider the little extras too. Overlooking these details can be a huge mistake. After all, they aren’t expensive to purchase and they can really add to the overall look and feel of your reception.

For example, you might benefit from investing in coat stands, coffee tables and entrance mats.

Here at Furniture At Work™ we stock an impressive variety of cheap office furniture and may have exactly what you need to give this part of your premises a makeover.

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Preparing for growth with new office furniture

January 5, 2013

If you’re excited about what 2013 has in store for your business and believe that now may be the right time to expand your operations, you might need to invest in new office furniture. Whether you intend to move to new, larger premises or simply to expand your current office, additional chairs, desks and other items may well be on your shopping list.

To help keep your costs down, it’s important to ensure you get your hands on great value products. Thankfully, achieving this is now easier than ever, as long as you know where to look.

Confidence is rising

Your organisation is certainly not the only one with high hopes for the future. The latest Quarterly Economic Survey from the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) revealed that British businesses are ambitious and confident. Nearly all the major balances improved during the final quarter of the year compared with the previous three-month period.

The poll of almost 8,000 companies identified stronger balances seen in both the manufacturing and service sectors, despite the fact that growth remained weak.

A new chapter

Responding to the findings, BCC director general John Longworth said: “It is a new year and time for a new chapter in our economy.”

He added: “Our survey results show that the economy is making progress, despite the numerous challenges it has faced. Although the improvements we have seen are slight, it is progress nonetheless, and highlights the determination and ability of the businesses we have here in the UK.”

Mr Longworth went on to call for further measures to help firms operating in Britain. He remarked: “Recent steps to improve access to finance, such as the commitment to create a business bank, must be implemented at scale and with clear timetables. More forceful measures are also needed to unlock massive private funding to renew Britain’s infrastructure that will create confidence in the short-term, jobs in the medium-term and growth in the long-term.”

GDP to rise

Also commenting on the report, BCC chief economist David Kern suggested that GDP will experience a modest recovery this year and next. He went on to state: “British businesses remain resilient and we are confident that, with the right policies, growth will gradually improve over the next few years.”

How we can help

Here at Furniture At Work™ we’re on hand to help you expand your offices. We supply an impressive range of items that may be ideal for your working environment. For example, perhaps our computer chairs and office desks will interest you.

Ordering products from us is quick and easy, which is perfect if you’ve got lots of other tasks to be getting on with.

Sticking to your budget

Also, because we go out of our way to provide superb value for money, you should find it straightforward to stick to your spending limits. We understand the importance of providing competitive prices and you might be surprised by the low price tags attached to our goods.

To see what we have to offer, just take a look around our website.

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Protect worker wellbeing with the best office furniture

January 1, 2013

Your staff members are likely to one of if not the most important resource you have, so it’s important to protect their wellbeing and ensure they are able to perform their tasks properly. As part of this, it’s necessary to supply them with the right office chairs and desks.

If your workers are forced to make do with uncomfortable, substandard furniture, their health may suffer. After all, people can spend many hours a day sitting at their desks and if they are awkwardly positioned, this can really start to take its toll. Initially, they may not notice the ill-effects, but over time they are at greater risk of developing back pain and other problems.


As well as being bad news for them, this could also harm your organisation. When personnel aren’t comfortable, they can’t concentrate as effectively and their efficiency will drop. This could spell danger for your bottom line.

Also, if their discomfort is serious enough, they may end up taking time off work. Again, this will hit your profits.

Meanwhile, you have a legal obligation to provide a certain standard of working environment and if you fall short of this, you may find yourself in serious trouble.


Many people around the UK suffer from musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and in some cases, these are caused by awkward sitting and typing positions. Medical complaints of this kind are related to pain in the neck, shoulders, arms, back, hips, knees, ankles or feet.

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), an estimated 11.6 million working days are lost each year to work-related MSDs.

In offices, upper limb disorders can be triggered by poorly designed workstations and so it’s a good idea to invest in well designed and made office furniture UK.

Worth the money

Of course, to get your hands on new chairs, desks and other items you will have to spend a little money. However, this should prove to be a worthwhile investment. As long as you know where to source the items from, you can benefit from superb value for money. Also, by getting the right products, you stand to boost efficiency within your organisation.

In addition, having suitable furniture in your office can help to protect you from potential legal threats.

Come to us

Here at Furniture At Work™, we offer one of the largest collections of office furniture in the UK and should have everything you need. From office tables and seating to special screens, lockers and much more, we really do have it all.

Saving you cash

Spending vast sums of money on making your office more comfortable may not be an option. Like a lot of firms, yours may be operating on a limited budget. The good news is, we go out of our way to provide goods at competitive prices.

You should find it easy to source all the items you need without splashing too much cash in the process. To see the fantastic array of items we sell, just take a look around our website.

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