The big impact of simple office screens

February 28, 2013

Office screens may be simple in design, but they can have a massive impact on working environments. Here at Furniture At Work™ we offer a range of different screens and should have exactly what you’re looking for.

These items are inexpensive and yet can have a major influence on your bottom line. If you use them well, you stand to boost efficiency and productivity among your workers and ultimately this can translate into extra money for your organisation.


When workers have to operate in large, open plan areas, they can suffer from a loss of concentration. It’s hard to stay focussed when there’s lots going on all around and, depending on the nature of your office, sound may travel all too easily across the room.

This is one of the major downsides to open plan working. Although it is cost-effective, it can hinder employee performance.

What you can do

Rather than simply putting up with this, now may be the time to take action. By having a look around our website, you can take your pick from a range of office room dividers and should quickly find versions that tick all of your boxes.

Being proactive like this and addressing the issue could reap significant rewards over the long term. Trading conditions in Britain and many other countries around the world remain tough and so it’s important that you manage to squeeze every last ounce of productivity from your team. Purchasing special screens to separate certain areas within your office can help you achieve this.


You might opt to use the screens to designate spaces for particular departments within your organisation. Because our dividers are available in different colours, they can be used to colour-code an office, creating a simple identification scheme for different groups of workers.

Individual booths

You can also use desk dividers to provide individuals with their own private spaces. This can help them focus and it also makes it easier to keep offices tidy.


The great thing about these products is the fact they’re so easy to use. They take a matter of moments to put up and if you decide to change the layout of your room, you can shift the dividers with complete ease.

Lots of choice

To see all the products available to you, just take a look around our website. You’ll soon discover why we’re such a popular choice among firms that need new office furniture. We provide an array of different items, including premium, deluxe and assembled floor screens.

Also, you won’t struggle to find solutions that fall within your budget. We go out of our way to offer superb value for money and you might be pleasantly surprised by the price tags attached to our products. Meanwhile, with a total of more than 145,000 products to choose from, you won’t be short of options.

Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll make sure your products are despatched as soon as possible via our fleet of 120 trucks, which work around the clock and are manned by qualified fitters.

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Those little extras that help make the perfect reception

February 20, 2013

Reception areas are hugely important. When people enter these areas, they tend to make all sorts of judgements about the companies they belong to. If you get this right and present your firm in the best possible light, individuals who come through your doors will think you’re a professional and well run organisation. If you get it wrong, their estimations of you may sink.

This is why it’s so crucial to invest in suitable reception furniture. While getting new products requires a little investment, it can pay dividends.

Attention to detail

When you think of this area of your premises, your attention may immediately be drawn to the big-ticket items like reception desks and seating. Of course, these items are key, but it’s important to consider the smaller objects. Paying attention to detail like this can help to give your reception that wow factor.

Stylish tables

For example, you might need somewhere to place magazines, newspapers and leaflets and stylish coffee tables fulfil this purpose perfectly. You might be interested in our Guyana table. This contemporary glass table exudes class and style and it could make the perfect addition to your reception. It comes complete with a frosted glass shelf and chrome angled legs.

Tables like this can also be great if your visitors need somewhere to rest their handbags, drinks or other items.

Coat stands

Everyone’s out and about in their thick winter coats at this time of year and having to lug them around indoors can be a pain. By providing a special stand, you can eradicate this problem. When people enter your reception, they’ll be able to hang their jackets up quickly and easily.

These items can also look the part. They have a certain classical elegance about them and, depending on the style you go for, they can also have an almost sculptural look to them. This is great as it means you get a piece of art as well as practical item of furniture all in one.

A great example is the Festival coat stand in black. This metal tubular construction comes with five rounded coat pegs that can be adjusted into almost any position. It also has an umbrella stand with detachable water retainer.

Finishing touches

Once you’ve found the ideal pieces of furniture for your reception, your thoughts can turn to the finishing touches. For example, it’s great to have fresh flowers in this part of your office. They really brighten the spaces up and help to put a spring in people’s step.

You might decide to invest in some artwork for the walls too, and it’s also possible to incorporate big screens into your reception. You can use these to show the news, promotional material for your firm or anything else.

Come to us

When you’re on the hunt for desks, tables, seating, coat stands and other items of furniture for your reception, you can come to us. Here at Furniture At Work™ we offer an impressive array of office furniture UK at great value prices.

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Getting the perfect home office furniture

February 12, 2013

Home working has been in the spotlight over recent weeks. This winter’s bad weather, which saw many parts of the UK virtually grind to a halt because of icy roads and public transport disruption, has caused many employers to think about their working practices.

Flexible employment that enables people to operate from home can be an effective way for companies to minimise disruption caused by bad weather, and there are other benefits associated with this way of working too. For example, it can allow people to enjoy a better work-life balance and it reduces congestion on the roads.

The right set up

If you’re about to start working from home, or you’re paving the way for some of your employees to do so, it’s important that you think about the issue of home office furniture. Just as in regular working environments, good quality desks, chairs and other items are vital.

Without suitable furniture, it can be difficult to concentrate and productivity can suffer. Also, long-term health issues can arise because of unsuitable seating and desks.

How we can help

Here at Furniture At Work™ we appreciate the significance of high-quality and well designed home office desks and chairs and we provide an array of these products that may be ideal for you.

Also, ordering from us is quick and simple and we offer superb value for money, meaning creating the ideal home working hubs may be cheaper than you think.


It’s worthwhile putting plenty of thought into the desk you choose. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time leaning over this object, so it’s important that it both looks and feels the part. We provide many different versions, including black and white desks, natural beech wood effect desks and many others.

When you’re deciding, it’s wise to consider the amount of space you have to work with and how much storage you’ll need. Also, you’ll need to make sure that the item is compatible with your PC, if you’re using one. Then there’s the issue of style to consider. Your desk may be the most sizable piece of furniture in your office, so it’s important it complements your interior design scheme.

Take a seat

Then there’s the all-important seating to consider. If you’ve ever been forced to spend hours at work on an uncomfortable chair, you’ll know how excruciating this can be. While at first you may seem OK, as time ticks on, you can start experiencing all manner of aches and pains.

To help you avoid this, we offer a fantastic range of chairs and should have versions that suit you perfectly. You might decide to treat yourself and go for one of our executive models.


That feeling of panic when you can’t find a crucial document or you’ve mislaid a memory stick isn’t pleasant and to help ensure you don’t spend half your time frantically searching for items like this, it’s a good idea to invest in some effective storage products, like filing cabinets and drawers.

To check out all of our cheap office furniture, just take a look around our website.

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A clutter free office

February 5, 2013

Clutter and offices are two things that don’t mix well. Ideally, working spaces should be well organised and tidy and, when they are, workers are better able to get on with their tasks efficiently and effectively.

When they aren’t however, all manner of problems can arise. For example, employees are more likely to end up wasting time searching under piles of paperwork for important documents or other items. There are also health and safety issues to consider. When items end up piling up on the floor and on desks, they can represent a risk to personnel, who may end up slipping or tripping and doing themselves an injury.

Take control

If you think your working environment could do with a clear up, now’s the time to take control of the situation. You might think that this task will take lots of time and effort, but if you’re savvy and take advantage of the best storage products around, it should be easier than you think.

Also, the longer you leave it, the more clutter there will be to clear, so it really is worth addressing the problem now.

Plenty of choice

Here at Furniture At Work™ we offer an array of products that may help you in your quest to organise your office. The great thing is, our items represent great value for money, so you won’t have to shell out lots of cash to achieve the results you’re after.

Also, buying office furniture online using our website is incredibly quick and straightforward. All you need are a spare few moments and access to the web.


You may decide to invest in some handy office cupboards. We provide metal and wooden versions in a range of sizes and styles and many of our products offer a range of alternative features, meaning you won’t struggle to find the ideal versions for you.

Wooden cupboards are among the most popular and it’s not hard to see why. As well as being practical, they can look fantastic.


It’s also worth taking a look at the lockers we sell. These objects can be used to house a range of items, including workers’ personal possessions. Rather than having to carry their belongings around with them and leave them on their desks, people can lock them safely away out of sight.

Filing cabinets

When it comes to storing paperwork, there is no better option than filing cabinets. These items of furniture can help ensure that your documents are kept neatly out of the way and are also perfectly organised.

Getting the most from your purchases

Of course, it’s not enough to simply buy the furniture and then let it sit there. To get the most from your purchases, it’s important to make sure you put them to good use. After your initial tidy up, you may decide to give your workers some instructions concerning how to use the new cupboards, cabinets and lockers.

By making sure everyone follows the same system, you can be certain that your working environment will remain clutter-free and well organised for the foreseeable future.

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Setting the scene with stylish meeting tables

February 1, 2013

Meetings in your organisation may often be informal and your staff members might be involved in them on a daily basis, or certainly very frequently. However, every so often you might stage highly important meetings.

For example, gatherings with officials, potential investors, business partners and other third-parties can be crucial. During these events, it’s important that you and your organisation really shine. To help you achieve this, you’ll need the right office furniture.

The perfect environment

First and foremost, you’ll need to ensure you have a room, or at least a section of a room, that is perfectly suited for this purpose. It must be sufficiently quiet and free from distraction and it may also need to be private.

Then there’s the equipment to consider. You might need speaker phones, projectors, conference call set-ups and more.


When it comes to the actual furniture you’ll use, tables are arguably the most important items. The shape and style of these objects can help to determine the dynamics of meetings. With smaller meeting tables, you can create a more intimate setting that’s conducive to plenty of discussion. On the other hand, if you want to emphasis formality, grander, more spacious tables might be better.

If one person is to lead the discussion, it can be helpful to use oblong or rectangular furniture so that this individual can sit at the head of the table.

Of course, you’ll also need to think about the number of people attending the meeting and make sure there is enough room for them all.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Comfy and practical seating is also key. If attendees are forced to sit on chairs that are too hard or are poorly designed, they can struggle to concentrate. Also, using substandard office chairs don’t reflect well on your firm.

By making sure you opt for appropriate seats, you can help ensure people stay focussed during the meetings. If you want to go for the executive approach, leather versions may be ideal.

Those finishing touches

Also, to really impress outsiders, it’s important to think about those all-important little extras. For example, it might be a good idea to provide water and drinking glasses and, depending on the length of the meeting and the time of day it takes place, perhaps some snacks would be a welcome addition.

In addition, some suitable artwork and flowers may help to brighten the meeting area up, but make sure you don’t go overboard. Too many items of these items can look over the top and unprofessional.

Check us out

Here at Furniture At Work™ we’re experts when it comes to office furniture of all kinds and items for meetings are no exception. By taking a look around our website, you should be able to find all the seating and tables you need, along with any storage solutions you require.

As well as being easy to order, our products represent great value for money, meaning you needn’t bust your budget when you’re on the hunt for these items.

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