The savvy way to stock up on new office furniture

March 30, 2013

If your office furniture is looking a bit shabby or you simply don’t have enough items to accommodate your workforce, now could be the perfect time to stock up on new chairs, desks and other products.

However, before you commit to buying anything, it’s important to make sure you’re getting top-quality furniture at great value prices. These days, there is no need to settle for second best. As long as you know where to look, you can benefit from impressive items without exceeding your budget in the process.

A competitive edge

By being shrewd in your choice of supplier, you stand to gain a competitive edge over rival organisations. After all, keeping costs to a minimum is vital in business, particularly now while economic conditions remain tough.

Here at Furniture At Work™ we pride ourselves on the impressive value for money we offer and our prices should bring a smile to your face. We promise that you won’t find a better price for our products elsewhere and, if you do, we pledge to match it. Also, we can provide you with a free quotation for bulk orders and we offer instant credit for all public sector organisations.

Peace of mind

Meanwhile, when you invest in the office tables and other items we offer, you can benefit from complete peace of mind.

We ensure that the furniture we sell is of the highest standard, so you won’t be disappointed with the results. Selecting top-notch products now can save you time, money and hassle further down the line, so it’s well worth it.

The right image

In the world of modern enterprise image is everything. If your firm doesn’t look the part, you might find it tough to attract the interest and custom you need. To help ensure your organisation makes the right impression, it’s crucial that your offices look the part.

We’re well aware of the importance of style and offer contemporary office furniture that can complement any working environment. If you want to show your employees and clientele that you’re a forward-thinking business, you’ve come to the right place.

Something special

Also, if you’re after something with that wow factor, you might want to check out our range of executive office furniture. These deluxe products are the height of sophistication and comfort and they might really brighten up your working day.

You can choose from a variety of desks, chairs and storage solutions and shouldn’t struggle to find versions that tick all of your boxes.

No time like the present

When it comes to revamping your office with new pieces of furniture, there’s no time like the present. After all, the sooner you order the products, the sooner they will arrive and you and your colleagues will be able to start enjoying them.

To see our full range of items, just take a look around our website. Meanwhile, if you’d like more information, just get in touch with our friendly and professional team. Our furniture professionals are waiting to take your call.

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Give your presentations an edge with enhanced display equipment

March 25, 2013

Being successful in business is not just about working hard and having good ideas, it’s also about persuading others to believe in you and this is why it’s so important to develop effective presentation skills.

To help ensure that you and your colleagues have the best possible platform to deliver your messages, it’s a good idea to invest in professional looking presentation equipment.

Display boards

One thing’s for sure, you won’t be stuck for choice when you’re searching for products like this. Here at Furniture At Work™ we offer an array of items that may be ideal for you, including display boards and much more.

These boards are great for showing images or information to people in a clear and attractive way. You can use them during meetings within your office and you can display them in your reception area. Meanwhile, because they’re lightweight and easy to transport, they can also come in handy if and when you need to travel to trade shows and exhibitions.

You can take your pick from a range of designs, including expandable systems or table-top displays. Whichever items you go for, you can be sure they will be sturdy and long-lasting.


You might also be interested in our whiteboards. These items are now a hugely popular feature in meeting and training sessions and it’s not hard to see why. They’re so simple to use and they provide a good way to show information to groups of people.

We offer both standard and magnetic whiteboard designs in a range of styles. For example, if you’re stuck for storage room, perhaps our space-saving sets of five boards that link together would be perfect. Also, the boards come in different sizes.


Depending on the nature of the presentations you give, you might also want to invest in some leaflet dispensers. These can be perfect for trade shows and other similar events. Also, they’re great in reception areas. You can choose between a Velcro style or a bigger modular design.

Taking advantage of extras like this can help ensure your firm looks professional and switched on.

Complete convenience

The best thing is, when you come to us to source office furniture UK, you can benefit from total convenience. Ordering from our website is quick and simple and if you have any queries, you can simply get in touch with our friendly and helpful team. We have more than 100 professionals waiting to take your call and unlike many businesses that shut up shop at 5pm or soon after, we’re available from 8am until 8pm.

Meanwhile, you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on the fabulous presentation furniture and other items we have to offer. We have more than £15 million worth of stock ready for same day despatch and we operate a fleet of 120 trucks that work around the clock.

Find out more

If you’re keen to discover more about the array of products we sell, just take a look around our website or get in touch.

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Simple ways to control noise in your office

March 15, 2013

No office is completely silent. However, it is important to control noise levels within working environments. If your office gets too raucous, your personnel may not be able to focus properly and this could have a negative impact on your bottom line and make running your company more difficult. It could also make the recruitment and retention of the most talented individuals tricky.

To help reduce noise within your office, it’s well worth thinking about the furniture you use. Like a lot of offices, yours may be largely or entirely open plan, making it hard to keep the volume down. However, with the clever use of office room dividers and other products, you stand a better chance.

See for yourself

Here at Furniture At Work™ we specialise in offering cheap office furniture and may have exactly what you need for your working space.

For example, perhaps our desk screens will be ideal for your office. These give individual workers more privacy and can help them feel as though they have their own area in which to get on with their tasks. Also, while these items don’t prevent personnel from conversing with colleagues when they really want or need to, they can help to reduce unnecessary chatter. We provide a variety of these screens in different styles and colours and should have the perfect versions for you.

It’s also worthwhile taking a look at the room dividers we sell. These make it easy to create designated areas within larger rooms and can make a huge difference to noise levels.

Little extras

When it comes to minimising noise in offices, screens are arguably the most effective products. Also, they’re inexpensive and can easily be moved from one area to another. However, they’re not the only items worth considering. There are little extras that you may also want to think about.

For instance, according to the European Federation of Interior Landscape Groups (eFIG), research has indicated that plants can boost concentration.


It claimed that studies have shown plants have a calming effect on workers, particularly on those who are sat in front of a computer screen for more than four hours a day. This can help to raise efficiency by up to 12 per cent.

Meanwhile, the eFIG also suggested that this can bolster productivity by as much as 32 per cent and it can reduce absenteeism.

A harmonious space

By minimising noise with the help of special screens and calming influences like plants, you might find you’re able to create a more harmonious working environment that’s easier to function in.

It’s certainly worth checking out the options open to you. You needn’t spend much money at all to achieve impressive results and the process of ordering products via our website couldn’t be easier.

We have more than 100 furniture professionals waiting to take your call and we’re available by phone from 8am until 8pm. Meanwhile, we have £15 million worth of stock ready for same day despatch and a dedicated fleet of 120 trucks working around the clock.

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Protect your workers with the best office furniture

March 10, 2013

It’s now possible to source an impressive variety of office furniture online, meaning you shouldn’t struggle to find all the items you need for your working space.

When you’re taking your pick from the products available, it’s important to consider a whole range of issues. For example, the furniture ought to look the part and it needs to be the right size and comfy to use. Also, it’s crucial that the items fall within your budget.


In addition, safety may be one of your top priorities. Protecting the wellbeing of your personnel is key if you’re to remain on the right side of law and prevent accidents and injuries from occurring. By taking this issue seriously and investing in suitable products, you can save yourself and your staff members considerable hassle further down the line.

For example, well designed chairs and desks can minimise the risk that individuals will develop musculoskeletal disorders. Workers often spend long periods of time in front of computer screens these days and unless the furniture they use is of a high standard, this can take its toll on their bodies.

Also, it’s really important to make sure your working environment is clean and tidy. Using effective metal filing cabinets and other storage items can help you achieve this. When workers have designated places in which to keep paperwork and other items, they are less likely to leave them lying around, causing a hazard. Despite their seemingly innocuous nature, offices are the scene of many a slip and trip.

HSE stats

If ever you need reminding on the importance of effective risk management, just turn to figures provided by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). It notes that between April 2011 and March 2012 a total of 22,433 major injuries occurred among UK workers.

Meanwhile, 88,731 other injuries serious enough to keep people off work for four or more days were reported.

It’s also worth noting that an estimated 1.1 million people revealed they were suffering from an illness caused or made worse by their work during this period.

Room for improvement

Commenting on the figures, HSE chair Judith Hackitt said: “Britain has earned the reputation of being one of the safest places in Europe to work, but there is still plenty of room for improvement. We need to ensure that we all focus on managing the real risks which lead to serious workplace harm.”

Here to help

Here at Furniture At Work™ we’re well aware of the importance of top-quality office furniture and the role it plays in helping to protect the wellbeing of millions of people in the UK alone.

If you’re after new computer chairs, storage items or anything else for your office, just take a look around our website. You should find everything you’re after within no time and the process of ordering is quick and simple.

While getting new products for your working space requires a little expenditure, it should prove to be a savvy investment. It could help to prevent accidents and injuries among your workers and thus minimise suffering and expense further down the line.

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The stress busting benefits of effective office furniture

March 1, 2013

No office is complete without some form of seating, desks and storage and, these days, there are lots of items of office furniture for you to choose from.

It’s important to appreciate the significance of these products. As well as ensuring your personnel are able to function properly, the items can also help to protect their wellbeing and minimise stress. For example, comfortable seating is paramount and it’s vital that working areas are organised and tidy.

The pressure is building on UK workers

Making sure your office looks and feels the part to help keep staff morale levels up may be particularly important now. According to research conducted by Canada Life Group, UK employees are feeling the strain.

It polled a total of 1,613 people and revealed that 61 per cent of them felt 2012 was more stressful than the previous year. Meanwhile, over a fifth (22 per cent) of the individuals who experienced stress were too embarrassed to ask for help.

Negative impact

Nearly half (48 per cent) of those surveyed stated that their worries and concerns impacted negatively on their working life, with ten per cent admitting to taking time off as a result.

Also, 31 per cent stated they suffer from lower concentration levels and productivity as a consequence of stress.

Taking stress seriously

Commenting on the findings, managing director of Canada Life Group Paul Avis said: “It is worrying that problems within the workplace were also a major cause of anxiety last year. Employers should take note that this caused one in ten of the UK employees we surveyed to take time off work, while many saw a negative effect on their concentration levels and productivity.

“These statistics clearly demonstrate it is in an employer’s interest to take issues involving stress seriously. An employee should never feel too embarrassed to let their boss know the damaging effect stress is having on their life.”

Creating a harmonious environment

There are lots of factors that impact on workers’ stress levels and their office environment is one of them. This means it’s well worth your while ensuring that you create a harmonious space in which your personnel feel comfortable and well equipped to get on with their tasks.

To help you achieve this, it’s important to find comfy and practical office chairs and desks and there are also other issues you may benefit from considering.


For example, making sure you have enough storage in the form of bookcases, cupboards and lockers may be key. Being able to put paperwork and other items away neatly helps workers to remain organised, meaning they are less likely to misplace and lose things. Ultimately, this can significantly cut their stress levels.

Also, tidy offices are more pleasant to spend time in and they have a relaxing effect on the people in them.

Take a look

Here at Furniture At Work™ we sell a whole range of seating, desks, storage products and more that could be ideal for your organisation. To see them for yourself, just take a look around our website.

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