Why Homeworkers Still Need an Office

April 30, 2013

The coming of the Digital Age has massively changed the way we work here in Britain. After all, the wide availability of high speed Internet and the prevalence of mobile communications now make it possible for more people than ever to work from home as remote workers or freelance professionals.

Indeed, there are signs that the number of people working from home is on the increase in the UK. According to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), a total of 59% of employers who responded to a survey in 2011 stated they were offering their employees opportunities to work from home. This figure represents an increase of some 13% from a similar survey carried out in 2006.

Of course, there are also all of the freelancers and online traders (professional eBay-ers and Amazon-ers) to take into account as well.

Clearly, we Brits are people who like the idea of working from home very much.

However, it is safe to say that people who are new to home working often approach it with the wrong attitude when they first get the opportunity to ‘live the dream’. To be sure, many fledgling homeworkers cannot wait to simply laze around on the sofa in their pyjamas, producing work on a casual ‘as and when’ basis. Truly, there is something inherently satisfying about being all chilled-out and relaxed in the comfort of your own home when you know everyone else has to put up with having the boss looking over their shoulder.

However, the reality is that this satisfaction is short-lived and unproductive. Not just unproductive in the psychological sense but also unproductive in the tangible sense. This is because working in this way inevitably leads a home worker to develop habits and behaviours early on that will stop them from working as hard as they could (or indeed, should). The result of this is that employees given opportunities to work remotely will find themselves being quickly recalled to their office and freelancers and online traders will ultimately be unsuccessful in their endeavours.

The truth is that home workers who want to be truly productive need to create a designated space in their home that will make them act professionally and be productive whenever they are in it.

Quite simply, homeworkers need to have a home office.

Without doubt, having an allocated room or area with a corner office desk and a decent chair in really can make all the difference when it comes to working from home. This is because an office-type environment doesn’t just provide home workers with a practical place to carry out their tasks; it also helps to get their brain switched into ‘professional mode’ that much quicker. Moreover, sitting in an ergonomic chair and working at an ergonomic corner desk is much healthier than slouching on the sofa with a laptop.

Truly, investing in just a few items of suitable office furniture from us here at Furniture At Work™ will help any homeworker to be more productive.


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How Office Furniture can help you to Become a Successful Online Internet Trader

April 26, 2013

Thanks to the advent of the Internet, it is now possible for enterprising individuals to earn a decent income from running an online business. Indeed, the number of people who cite trading on websites like eBay and Amazon as being their sole income has sky-rocketed in the last decade. This is to be celebrated as it shows there is still a strong spirit of entrepreneurial enterprise here in Britain.

Unsurprisingly, you may find the idea of being an online trader or retailer to be very appealing. After all, you won’t have to work for anyone else; you won’t have to commute to and from your place of work every day, and you won’t have to indulge in fractious office politics.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

However, it is fair to say that running a business from home is not something to be taken lightly. If you have the mentality that you will wake up whenever you like and work from your laptop in bed then you will be unlikely to enjoy much success.

No, if you really want to make a go of your online business then you need to think like a professional. In essence, this means that you need to have an area in your home which is devoted to your business as this will encourage you to adopt a professional mindset and get as much work done as possible.

Put simply, you need to have a home office.

Regardless of whether you will be working in a designated spare room or simply in the corner of an existing room, there are a number of working essentials you will need to create a home office that is truly fit for purpose. Indeed, office chairs, computer equipment, filing cabinets, organisers, document binders, and perhaps even label makers are just a few of the things which you will need to run a successful online business.

However, whilst all of the aforementioned working items are indeed essential, your primary concern will most certainly be to purchase an office desk.

Although there are several aspects that you will need to consider before choosing a particular desk, the amount of space you have available will undoubtedly be the most pressing. If you are fortunate enough to have a relatively spacious home that has a spare room available then you could invest in a large desk that offers a decent amount of surface space. This will provide you with plenty of room for your computer, printer, storage folders, reference books and stationary and still probably have enough space available to accommodate your dinner! If space is at a premium however, you may need to opt for corner computer desk that has a sliding keyboard panel as this will help to ensure your ‘office’ doesn’t monopolise the room.

If you would like to find out more about buying high quality office furniture for your home, simply browse our pages further here at Furniture At Work™.


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Benefits of Using Screen Dividers to Create a Pleasant and Productive Office Space

April 20, 2013

If you run an office then you will know better than anyone just how difficult a task it can be. Indeed, there are literally 101 things to keep on top of in an office environment so holding the whole together and ensuring everyone performs as they’re supposed to really is quite a big ask.

Naturally, the productivity of your office employees will be largely influenced by the way in which their working environment is set out. To this end, it is absolutely imperative that you create an office space which is wholly conducive to employee morale and productivity. After all, office workers can hardly be expected to deliver exemplary levels of performance if they have to work in cramped, noisy and/or unpleasant surroundings day in and day out.

Of course, the reality of creating a ‘wholly conducive’ office environment is that you are often limited by one very important aspect – space. Commercial office premises certainly don’t come cheap these days so it is quite likely that your company will have been forced to compromise on its square footage allowance in order to help balance the books.

Fortunately, there is a simple office furniture measure available which can help you to make the most of your space AND create a pleasant and productive office environment – screen dividers.

Whilst these handy items may seem like a somewhat basic solution from the outset, they are actually able to provide offices with a number of unique benefits. Below are three of the most compelling:

‘Offices within Offices’
If you are ‘on trend’ you will probably know that setting up large, open plan working areas is typically the most efficient way to utilise office space (i.e. it enables you to fit more workers into a given space). However, whilst this undoubtedly makes sense on paper, it doesn’t always translate into success in reality. Indeed, open plan offices can often be noisy and chaotic spaces where employees struggle to focus on their own work. Office room dividers can be invaluable in this respect as they can be used to section off areas and create smaller, less boisterous ‘offices within offices’.

Genuine Flexibility
Another great thing about office screens is that they can enable you to create designated short-term spaces for certain events. To be sure, turning an area of your office into an interview room, meeting space or presentation area is something which can be achieved quickly and easily when you have these handy dividers to call on.

Liberating Adaptability
Being able to transform the way your office looks, feels and functions within in a matter of moments really is very liberating. Having this freedom to adapt ‘as and when’ can be extremely advantageous, especially if your company is looking to grow and evolve in the near future.

To find out more and view our extensive range of screen divider products in greater detail simply browse our pages further here at Furniture At Work™.


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How to Encapsulate the Joys of Spring in your Office Space

April 10, 2013

Like many other companies at this time of year, you may well have got the urge to refurbish your company’s premises with some new office furniture. Indeed, it is very common to experience an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ type epiphany when spring finally arrives as the longer days and milder temperatures make you feel fresh, invigorated and revitalised.

Of course, times are still pretty tough at the moment so your budget will no doubt dictate that you source furniture items that are competitively priced. Naturally, there is a distinction to be made here as you won’t want to be buying cheap, low quality furniture that will let you – and your employees -down. No, you want furniture that is high in quality yet low in price.

Fortunately for you, you have come to exactly the right place as we here at Furniture At Work™ have a wide selection of office chairs, desks, filling cabinets and associated items that are all available at some of the most competitive prices around

Wide Selection
As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of traditional and contemporary office furniture we here at Furniture At Work™ have one of the largest collections of office-based furniture in the country. Indeed, it is fair to say that our wide selection is truly one of our great strengths. Regardless of what type of furniture you’re after – be it tub chairs for your reception, desks for your main office or tables for your meeting room – you’ll find that we have everything your refurb could possibly need. You’ll also find that we can provide you with offerings which other suppliers do not have; therefore you will be able to enjoy the convenience of getting all of your items from just one place when you source your office furnishings from us.

Competitive Prices
As keen as you are to embrace the virtues of spring and inject a bit of energy into your office environs, you need to be practical when it comes to budgeting and finance. Indeed, price has to be the most compelling aspect of any commercial purchase these days as no UK company has the means to be throwing money around willy-nilly. Therefore, you will be pleased to know that the products we provide really are some the most competitively priced furniture items available. Furthermore, you can also rest assured that we don’t have any hidden costs or caveats lurking away in the shadows – the price we ask is the price you pay.

So, if you’re looking for a wide selection of high quality office furnishings that are available to buy now at truly amazing prices, look no further than us here at Furniture At Work™. Indeed, we really can provide you with everything you could possibly need to turn your tired looking office space into a fresh-looking workplace that resonates with the joys of spring!

To find out more, simply take a few moments to explore our pages further.


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Give your Company’s Reception Area a Suitably Seasonal Revamp

April 1, 2013

Now that spring has well and truly sprung, you may well feel like giving your work premises a bit of a shot in the arm. Indeed, a lick of paint here and a revamp there really can do wonders at this time of year.

If this is something that has been on your mind then you might want to start your ‘freshness campaign’ in your company’s reception area. After all, this is the first area visitors see when they enter your premises so it’s important your business is able to make a positive impression.

Fortunately for you, there is a whole swathe of desks and chairs available for receptions these days so you certainly won’t struggle to find something suitably fresh and invigorating.

Reception Desks
Like most other business premises you will surely choose to have a reception desk. The desk is undoubtedly the focal point of the whole space so you must make sure the variant you select is suitable and fit for purpose. In essence, this means that your choice of desk must be the right size. If you only have one receptionist then a relatively small and modest desk will more than likely meet your needs. However, if your reception area is busy enough to necessitate more than one receptionist (or you are anticipating it will be in the near future), you will need to instead focus your attention on desks which are designed to accommodate multiple people.

Reception Chairs
If your company doesn’t have seating in its reception area then it is definitely missing a trick. People visiting your premises will immediately feel put out if they do not have the chance to relax for a few minutes (especially if they have come a long way) so it is vital your reception has seating which is functional and stylish. In terms of function, you must consider how many people will likely want to use your seating at any one time. If you anticipate numbers to be high (even if it is just a certain times) then you may find modular solutions to be your best bet.

Of course, there are several things to consider when it comes to style. If you’re looking to convey a funky, modern look, then you may well find having a selection of tub chairs in your reception area to be a suitably cool option. These snazzy looking numbers look very contemporary and are available in a wide variety of colours and designs (mixing and matching looks even more chic). If you’re keen to achieve a slightly more traditional look then leather seating is likely to be your best option. Certainly nothing oozes sophistication and class as elegantly and effortlessly as a grand leather sofa or two.

To find out more and view some of the finest reception and office furniture available online, simply take a few moments to browse our pages further here at Furniture At Work™.


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