Key Office Furniture Trends Revealed

August 11, 2013

One industry leader, when interviewed about future office furniture trends, has stressed that items which allow businesses to run a flexible workplace are increasingly likely to be the most valuable.

The office interiors boss said that modern businesses were looking to maintain a flexible working environment while keeping expenditure minimal. Adaptable, functional and multi-purpose items desk chairs and the like are set to be in strong demand.

He added: “It’s clearly not easy to predict what the working environment might look like in the future, or how working practices, office layouts or staffing levels may change. So items which can help fulfil a range of current tasks and be responsive to constantly changing needs could increasingly become a business essential.”

The development of lighter, smaller computing technology has also had an impact. Office chairs still need to swivel and be completely adjustable, but also to have more padding and support allowing users to comfortably access tablet devices and laptops.

When it comes to meeting room furniture, the trend could be towards a greater demand for tables consisting of a number of smaller units that can be altered to suit larger gatherings, or smaller meetings.

More than ever, businesses have to make the most of space that is available. This can be seen in particular in the growing use of bench desk in general working areas. They can be used by more people in a smaller area than standard desks.

Another popular trend is for desks with increased levels of storage.

So bear these points in time next time you place an order for furniture in your office.

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The Importance of High Quality Office Furniture in the UK

August 10, 2013

If you’re planning on moving into a new office then you will undoubtedly be looking for the best office furniture at work to suit your requirements. With so many office furniture options available on the market, it can be a struggle to identify the best products for your needs, which is why it pays to read up on the styles to ensure you make an informed decision.

Reception Furniture

Your reception area will be the first room a guest will see upon arrival; therefore, it’s essential you make the right impression to evoke confidence in your company. Opt for comfortable reception seating as your clients or customers may spend a lot of time waiting for their appointment. Also, take the size of the reception into consideration, as stuffing large furniture into a tiny room will be incredibly unsightly.

Office Chairs

Operator chairs are a fantastic option for the workplace as they’re fully adjustable and are therefore ideal for use within the office area. There are so many operator chair options available – such as ergonomic, high back and more.

Executive leather chairs are superb for meeting and conference rooms as they’ll add a touch of professionalism to a room – and they’re also a great way to impress your clients.


Storage is an essential in an office environment as it can boost productivity within the workplace. Therefore, you should ensure you include the appropriate office storage systems to ensure you stay one step ahead of your clients and customers. Filing cabinets are a great way to archive old documents, such as personnel papers. Budget bookcases are also a wonderful solution for storing boxes, industry books and more.

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Is Your Home Prepared for the Flexible Working Revolution?

August 8, 2013

A major new report published this summer suggests a change in workplace practices to include more flexible and home-based and flexible working could bring about an £8.1bn boost to Britain’s economy through reduced costs and greater productivity.

The report, The Flex Factor, from think tank RSA and Vodafone UK, is based on a nationwide study of thousands of bosses and employees. It states that some five weekly hours’ productivity could be clawed back – that’s over £4,000 annually for each staff member.

Equally, the study reports that smaller businesses in particular, who want to reduce overheads while maximising the potential of their staff teams, are leading the way in the shift to increased flexibility at work.

Already nearly half (46%) of employer organisations usually give staff access to a business laptop computer, while a tenth provide tablet devices and a quarter offer use of a Smartphone.

Well over three quarters of British workers are employed by organisations offering some type of flexible working arrangement, but a significant minority of over a tenth who want flexible working are either not given the chance or are not aware they can request it.

Nearly 65% who had worked flexibly claimed their job satisfaction had improved as a result, the survey also revealed.

It seems that the challenge is now for all organisations to think of how different workplace practices could slash outgoings while maximising time, space and resources.

While flexible work isn’t just about being home based (it covers, for example, varying start and finish times) home working is a big part of it. And it brings many benefits, from being able to pop on a wash at lunchtime to being there when the children get home from school to eliminating the slog of commuting.

If you work at home, even for some of the time, it’s important that you are properly geared up to do so without distractions and without, say, having to clear away the dining room table for mealtimes.

Part of that means having the right home office furniture in place.

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