Meeting Storage Requirements

September 28, 2013

Many furniture at work problems arise due to poor storage solutions that are not adapted for their primary purpose. Of course, storage invariably always does get used but this does not mean that space is being used effectively. Using filing cabinets to store bulky items, for instance, may not only waste space but it could also damage the cabinet.

Versatility Is Key

Even despite data becoming ever more digitised, hard copies of important documents are still required. If these documents are private and contain sensitive data, they really should be kept under lock and key. Lockable cabinets can solve many furniture at work problems that arise, particularly if those cabinets themselves are being kept in a secure room that is rarely accessed or easily monitored.

Lateral filers are great for those offices where some storage is required but perhaps doesn’t need to be high density. Double wide foolscap storage can offer plenty of storage over time without sacrificing too much space in the office. Investing in a cabinet with a nice finish can also serve to improve the look of the office.

High Density

4+ storey filing cabinets are a great way to store large numbers of files together. The more adaptive options on the market will allow you to stack side by side with differing heights to allow you to adapt to the environment by placing some cabinets beneath workstation desks.


Multidrawer flat and wide filers can allow you to store all sorts of different items, from tools to paper. These are very handy to have around since you can store everything you need in one compact cabinet that won’t take up so much space. With a small investment in a worktop it could put to further use to give more space in the work area.

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Easy Solutions To Furniture At Work Complaints

September 26, 2013

<2>Good Posture

Many furniture at work complaints come from repeating the same action every day non-stop. For those businesses who have invested wisely, the equipment itself might not be to blame – it could be bad posture or an incorrectly set up chair, table or other device. It is important to note however, that if you expect your employees to sit and work for 8 hours a day that they need not only regular breaks but also a chair that is adjustable. Chairs that don’t adjust will cause problems eventually, since they should offer ample support for the back and hips as well as allowing the elbows to remain parallel to the worktop. Knees should also be level or below the hips, certainly not below. If possible, a foot rest might also be provided.

Ensuring that employees know how to set up their workstation effectively requires no specialist training. They simply need to follow these simple guidelines. The issue does however change for those employers who must cater for pregnant women and those with physical disabilities. This can require some expert insight if you have not already received it but should not be prohibitively priced.

Breaks And Exercise

A regular break every hour or so can not only stave off the effects of sitting but can also yield productivity increases. If some employees are suffering through sitting then it can help to do some simple exercises to make furniture at work complaints a thing of the past. Exercises designed to work the wrists, neck and spine can really help to stretch those muscles and tendons that can become fatigued during the day. Information should be available on the specifics of each exercise, although it is always a good idea to gain access to some occupational training to ensure that employees have the knowledge to keep themselves safe.

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No need to let clutter overtake your office

September 18, 2013

Clutter is the bane of many an office manager’s life. It’s amazing how quickly paperwork, files and other items can build up in working environments and if this problem isn’t tackled promptly, it can escalate.

Luckily, it’s now easy to source cheap office furniture to help combat clutter. Here at Furniture At Work™ we sell a range of items that could be just what you’re looking for.

Nip it in the bud

If you can, it’s really helpful to nip growing levels of clutter in the bud. The earlier you address the issue, the easier your task will be.

Burying your head in the sand and simply hoping things will get better is the worst possible thing to do. Over time, the mess in your office will simply get worse and worse, meaning that you’ll have more clearing up to do.

The business case

There is a strong business case for combating the clutter. When workers have to put up with messy working conditions, they can’t operate as efficiently. They might struggle to find important items to help them get on with their work. Also, employee morale tends to fall in chaotic environments, and this causes productivity to fall yet further.

Meanwhile, piles of paperwork, files and other items can pose a health and safety risk to employees. Slips and trips are all too common in workplaces around the UK. Ultimately, these accidents can result in potentially long and costly legal proceedings.

Take your pick

By perusing our online catalogue, you can take your pick from a whole arrange of storage items, including office bookcases, wooden cupboards and much more. We should have everything you need and ordering from us is quick and easy.

Best of all, we offer unrivalled value for money. This means that even if you’re operating on a limited budget, you shouldn’t struggle to buy all the products you need.

Getting your staff members on board

It’s important to bear in mind that buying these products is only one part of the story. They will prove useless if your workers don’t use them properly. Therefore, it’s a good idea to issue some guidance to your employees when you take delivery of the storage items.

Getting them involved in a general office clear-up may help to convey the importance of keeping things organised. Also, implementing careful labelling systems can help ensure that files and other objects are stored correctly, thereby ensuring they can be retrieved quickly and without any hassle.

Time for general improvements?

When you are taking a look around our website, our chairs and desks may also catch your eye. Now could be a great time to generally revamp your working area. Our products are top-quality and will stand the test of time, meaning they represent a great investment.

By tackling the clutter in your office and making sure it looks and feels the part, you can create an area that is pleasant to spend time in. Given how many hours you and your workers put in at your desks, this is really important.

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Simple Ways For Employers To Combat Furniture At Work Problems

September 12, 2013

Whilst most people may think that working environments like industrial plants and manufacturing operations are the most likely places to look for threats to employee health and well being; the truth is that run of the mill working environments, such as offices, can be every bit as harmful to people’s long-term health.

The reasoning behind this is that individuals can develop significant injuries if they are made to use items of office furniture that are detrimental to their posture. Indeed, poor posture can cause workers to develop painful musculoskeletal disorders which over time can diminish a person’s mobility – and therefore their quality of life – considerably.

Of course, employers have a responsibility to ensure the health and well being of their workers so it is down to them to sort out furniture at work problems of this kind.

But how can they do this?

Well, there are actually a number of things which can be done.

Consult Employees

Companies that take the time to listen to their employees may save themselves a lot of fuss and hassle in the long-term. Far too many business organisations confuse employees talking of furniture at work problems with employers moaning for no reason at all. This is not healthy. If workers are consistently making references to outdated desks or poor fitting chairs then chances are they need to be replaced – and company executives would do well to listen.

Invest in High Quality Office Furniture

Companies that invest in decent desks and chairs will find that they won’t have to buy replacements anywhere near as often. This is good news for employers and employees alike; after all, workers will get to use truly comfortable furniture items while their employees can look forward to making considerable long-term savings.

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The importance of good quality home office furniture

September 10, 2013

Getting the opportunity to work from home can be a relief. You can kiss goodbye to those stressful commutes, meaning more of your time will be your own. Also, you might find you’re able to work more efficiently away from the hubbub of an office.

However, there are certain pitfalls you must avoid if you’re about to take the plunge and give up office life in favour of remote working.

Avoid the couch

To begin with, you might see the novelty in working from your couch, but this will soon wear off. Lounging around while you’re getting on with your tasks sounds great, but in fact it’s just not very comfortable or practical. After a while, you might start getting pains in your neck and back because of your contorted working position.

Also, by working in your living room, you run the risk of losing important work-related material. It’s all too easy for documents, memory sticks and other items to go missing under seating and between cushions. Even worse, they may accidentally be ‘tidied’ away into the recycling or the bin.

A designated space

This is why it really pays off to create a designated area to work in complete with suitable home office furniture. Having access to good quality seating, a proper desk and some storage can make your life a whole lot easier.

It can also help you to keep a good work-life balance. If your work equipment and files are strewn all around your property, you might feel as though you’re never able to fully switch off. In contrast, if you’re able to shut the door to your home office at the end of the working day, you should find it easier to relax.

Long-term wellbeing

Over the long-term, your wellbeing can benefit greatly as a result of having access to top quality home office chairs and other items. Making sure you maintain the right posture while you’re getting stuck into your work is so important. If you don’t, you’re much more likely to develop musculoskeletal problems, and these could be painful and chronic.

The little extras

When you’re setting up your home office, make sure you pay attention to the finer details. After all, you might spend many hours in the space virtually every day.

For example, having a wastepaper bin is a must. Also, try to include some attractive accessories in the area, such as plants and artwork. This can help to boost your mood when you’re racking up the hours at your desk

Having enough storage is another crucial point. The last thing you want is to end up half-buried in documents, books and other items. This is stressful and it can be distracting.

Take a look

Here at Furniture At Work™ we’re experts when it comes to office furniture and should have exactly what you’re looking for. You can peruse our chairs, desks, cupboards, bookcases, mobile pedestals and more and, within no time, you should be able to find the perfect items for you.

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What your reception seating says about you

September 9, 2013

When people come into your office for a meeting, an interview or anything else, the chances are they will be instructed to take a seat and wait. This simple exchange can leave a lasting impression on individuals.

If they have to take a pew on uncomfortable, unattractive seating, they’re unlikely to be impressed. Even worse, if there aren’t enough chairs, they might be forced to stand.

A worthwhile investment

Considering the importance of first impressions in the business world, it’s well worth investing in some good quality reception seating. As long as you know where to look, you can benefit from real bargains, and these products can last for a long time too.

Attention to detail like this is crucial if you’re to create the right image among potential customers, investors and other third parties.

A numbers game

Numbers are crucial. There’s no point in investing in a couple of fantastic looking reception chairs if they fill up too much space and mean you can’t fit enough seating into the area. Failing to provide visitors with a place to take the weight off when they are waiting to be seen is a big mistake. It gives the impression that you don’t value the people who enter your building.

When you’re planning your reception area, think carefully about how many people are likely to use your reception area at any one time and try to cater for the maximum number.

If you need lots of chairs, our Cotswold products could be ideal for you. You can create your own bespoke configurations and the curved seating allows for maximum flexibility where space is a restriction. You can take your pick from blue, red, grey, black, charcoal, green, burgundy, hunter, navy and purple versions.


As well as considering the number of chairs you need, it’s also important to think about the way these items will look in your reception area. This part of your office is your window to the world and it’s what people see first when they enter your premises.

This means that as well as being practical, your reception furniture must look fantastic.

Modern chic

If you want your reception office furniture to exude modern chic, perhaps our Valueline tub seating would be perfect. These attractive black leather faced tub seats have a classy, elegant look and they feature generous, deep padded seats. Also, their contoured back provides additional comfort and they have a sturdy wooden frame.

Take a look

Here at Furniture At Work™ we offer an impressive range of seating products and should have the perfect solution for your reception area.

While you’re taking a look around our website, you might also want to check out the desks and other products we offer. Thanks to our commitment to providing superb value for money, our products may cost much less than you think, and ordering from our online catalogue is quick and easy. When it comes to finding new reception furniture, you can see us as your one-stop-shop.

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Ensuring Your Office Chair Is Comfortable

September 7, 2013

Most furniture at work complaints relate to office chairs and back pain. After stress, back pain is the second most common cause of long-term sickness in the UK, with around 7.6 million working days lost to work-related back pain (plus other musculoskeletal disorders) from 2010 to 2011.

Back pain is usually caused through strained muscles or ligaments, general wear and tear, poor posture and stress. Sitting in an office chair for long periods of time (such as a full day at work!) can cause lower back pain, as well as pain in the shoulders and neck, and aggravating existing problems. The good news, however, is that it may be painful to sit in the wrong position, but changing your posture and/or your chair can make a world of difference and is easily resolved, meaning you shouldn’t have any more furniture at work complaints.

Your company may have a dedicated staff member or department which can help you get the right office chair or help you to set up your chair properly, but if not, here are some tips to make sure you have the correct posture while sat at your desk.

First of all, establish what the height of your workstation or desk is and if this is adjustable. This will affect how you position the chair and if you need any further equipment. The base of the chair should extend from the back of your bottom to just behind your knees. Your body should basically be at right angles, with a right angle at your hips, elbows and knees. If you find your legs aren’t at a right angle but that your chair is at the right height, you may need a foot rest or to raise the height of your desk. Your eyes should also meet the centre of your computer screen naturally without having to move your head or neck.

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Beneficial Extra Services

September 2, 2013

Many negative furniture at work reviews are directed at companies who ship large numbers of flat-packed furniture to customers yet offer no assembly service. Without specialist equipment or knowledge, the average workforce may be required to then take time out from their normal routine to build the furniture themselves. This naturally results in the customer becoming more inefficient themselves, especially when you factor in errors and the potential of missing components. Bulk orders should always come with an offer to assemble the furniture as well, especially if there are no skilled people for the job at the company.

Expert Help

It is worthwhile remembering that many of the pieces of furniture on offer can be quite complex with multiple different parts that need to be fitted together. For the more luxurious piece of furniture, any damage could devalue the furniture significantly. With help from the supplier, the customer could not only step back and relax and allow them to go about their business, but they could also ensure that there is no damage. If it still does occur, the liability is with the supplier and not the customer as well.

Important Positioning

Being able to oversee the project and ensure that everything is positioned correctly can also save lots of time. Some companies do assemble, but do not ensure that the furniture is in the right place which can be a source of bad furniture at work reviews, especially if they have to be disassembled before being moved to the correct area. Having everything ready to be used as soon as the construction is complete can ensure that businesses benefit from the new furniture as soon as possible.

While not every supplier offers these services, some do so and do it for free. This can really give a business much more for their investment.

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