Choosing the Right Lockers for Your School

Lockers are an important part of school life, and it’s essential that you choose the right ones from the outset, since they’re not the sort of thing you want to be buying every week. Make the wrong decision and renovations could be far costlier than you anticipated.

As when buying anything else, you’ll need a good understanding of your requirements, and what you are buying. School lockers can have quite a hard time of it. Graffiti can be scratched on to them, doors can be slammed and heavy rucksacks crammed with books and heavy lunchboxes are thrown into them.

All of which means you’ll probably need something fairly robust. But, equally, it’s a good idea to have lockers you can move around as your needs change. So make an educated decision!

Equally, you’ll need to think about whether to go for metal or plastic, how much space each pupil needs, and whether you need staff storage space too. Lockers come in different sizes, heights, depths and colours, and can be stacked together in different ways. Finally, think how many compartments each locker should have.

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