Office Chairs: Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Few pieces of office equipment are more important than the chairs your staff sit in for up to eight hours a day. So invest some attention in your choice.

To adjust your chair so that it’s at the right height, have it at the highest setting, then lower until your thighs fit comfortably beneath your desk and your feet are on the floor. Use a footrest if necessary.

If your chair is too soft, it could put pressure on your knees.

Don’t sit very upright for long: leaning back at an open angle will be more relaxing, and ease the strain on your lower back. Your thighs should be roughly parallel to the floor.

Stretch and alter your sitting position regularly. And for office chairs with armrests, don’t use the armrests when you are using your mouse or typing, since they can encourage you to assume potentially damaging postures.

With millions of working days lost in the UK annually to back pain, choosing the right desk chairs for your staff is vital. Think about how much the chair will be used each day, and for what tasks, and whether it can be adapted to suit special needs. Look for build quality, prompt delivery times and find out how long the chair is guaranteed for.

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