Choosing Your Reception Furniture

It may be a cliché, but first impressions really do count. Visitors will form an impression of a business based on the first thing they see when they enter your building.

So if you hold lots of meetings at your site, you must pay close attention to the furniture in your reception area. (Yet it’s surprising how many organisations don’t.)

When it comes to reception seating, strike a balance between comfort and appearance, even if you hope visitors won’t be waiting for long. You should also choose something which reflects the sort of business you are. A well-established legal firm will have very different chairs to a digital marketing start-up.

Decide whether to go for warm and friendly, modern and vibrant or a traditional look.

The same applies when it comes to choosing your reception desk. This has to project the right image for your company, and be a comfortable and practical working area.

When choosing reception desks, think about how many staff will be working there, what sort of work they will be doing, and whether any security measures such as panic buttons are required.

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