Choosing Classroom Furniture

Children invariably learn better when they are sitting comfortably, rather than at old wooden desks and plastic chairs. So, while school budgets are inevitably tight, school furniture is one thing that shouldn’t be compromised on.

Clearly, tables, chairs and the like for the classroom have very different needs to other kinds of furniture. They must be robust enough to take a lot of wear and tear. And, because different students may sit at the same desk at different times during the school day, a certain amount of flexibility is also needed.

The good news is that modern furniture for schools comes in an array of designs and is well able to cope with the rigours of classroom life. And school desks can be placed together or apart, depending on whether individual or group learning is taking place.

Think about how old your pupils are, and how the room is being used. Work out how much space you have, if only with a rough design. Then calculate how many desks will fit into the available space.

Remember, offices shouldn’t have the monopoly on comfortable working furniture! The principle should extend to schools too, and that includes staff rooms and offices.

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