The importance of effective office screens

Offices come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing that many of these working spaces have in common is dividers. Office screens are handy and cost-effective. They help ensure that personnel are able to concentrate on what they’re doing in large, open-plan spaces.

The good news is, it’s now easy to source superb quality dividers for minimal cost and hassle. By choosing the right versions, you stand to boost the productivity of your employees and promote a good working environment.

Creating the perfect conditions

Commenting on the ways in which workers tend to seek out privacy when they are based in open-plan spaces, the New York Times noted that while the “walls have come tumbling down in offices everywhere”, people are putting up new ones.

As well as crafting physical barriers to provide them with more privacy and peace and quiet, they are now using technology to boost their efforts, it suggested. The publication quoted Raj Udeshi, who shares an open office with fellow software entrepreneurs.

Creating a sound barrier

According to Mr Udeshi, people are using headphones to block out the sounds around them while they are at work. He stated that “headphones are the new wall”.

Meanwhile, companies are increasingly switching on to the potential problems associated with excessive noise and distraction in large offices, the newspaper claimed. It remarked: “Companies are redesigning offices, piping in special background noise to improve the acoustics and bringing in engineers to solve volume issues.” Indeed, “sound masking” has become a buzz phrase, it added.

Unwelcome interruptions

Also commenting on the issue of office noise, energy consultant Jonathan McClelland said: “You talk to more people in an open office, but I think you have fewer meaningful conversations. You end up getting interrupted a lot by people’s random thoughts.”

Choosing the perfect furniture

The good news is, it’s now easy to source superb items of office furniture online that can help you to control the level of noise and minimise any distractions experienced by workers.

For example, by selecting appropriate screens, you can block out certain sounds. You might decide that individual desk screens would be suitable for your working space. On the other hand, perhaps larger versions that stand on the floor would be preferable.

Flexibility is key

The great thing is, these screens are highly flexible. They are easy to store and can be fitted into place within a matter of moments. This means you can move them around and use them as and when you see fit.

You might opt to remove them when you want to foster a more collaborative spirit among your personnel and, when you’re keen to encourage staff members to focus on their individual tasks, you can reinstate them. Meanwhile, it’s also easy to create temporary meeting areas, interview spaces and so on with the help of a few strategically placed screens.

Sourcing items with ease

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