How to be a Professional and Productive Home Worker

Mobile communications technology has certainly changed how we work as a nation. To be sure, many more people are now choosing to work from home either as remote workers or as freelance professionals. In fact, it has been estimated that almost one in eight people in the UK now work from home; this means that several million people every day now get to stay at home whilst every one else has to commute to work.

However, whilst working from home may sound idyllic (slobbing around in pyjamas, getting up late etc), there are in fact several drawbacks to this particular kind of arrangement. Perhaps the most significant of these is that productivity levels can all too often take a tumble when people start to work from home. The main reason for this is that those making the switch from office working to home working do not successfully create an area in their home which feels like a suitable place to work.

In fact, people often go out of their way to indulge their new-found ‘freedoms’ when they first start working from home. Indeed, it is quite common for fledgling home workers to lie on the sofa (or even in bed) with their laptop simply because they can. To be sure, there is something quite satisfying about being nice and cosy in bed with a laptop when everyone else is freezing on their winter commute.

However, this satisfaction is short-lived and ultimately, unhealthy. Not just unhealthy in the physical sense but also unhealthy in the productive sense. This is because working in this fashion will encourage a home worker to develop unproductive habits early on that will impact on their ability to deliver optimal work results. Over time, this will result in them less being productive in their occupational output.

Quite simply, working in rooms which are packed with distractions or are designed for leisure purposes will not help a home worker to be as productive as they need to be. No, in order to get as much work done as possible, home workers need to create a space within their home that makes them feel professional and productive whenever they are in it.

In short, they need to have an office in their home.

Indeed, a designated room with a corner desk, office chair and filing cabinet can make all the difference when it comes to working from home. This is because a home office doesn't just provide workers with a sanctuary away from the distractions of domestic life; it also puts them in an environment which is synonymous with work and achievement. In addition, sitting in ergonomic office chairs and working at ergonomic desks is far healthier than slouching over a kitchen table or lying on a sofa.

Without doubt, the addition of some suitable office furniture in a designated room can help home workers to feel far more professional and be significantly more productive.

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