How Modern Office Furniture can Help to Reduce Workplace Injuries

The gradual introduction of computers into office workplaces during the 1980s changed desk-bound working environments for evermore. Indeed, typewriters were made redundant almost overnight and efficiency rates increased exponentially across the board. To be sure, computers were a good thing. Computers were the future.

However, it soon became clear that computers brought problems with them that had not been foreseen. Indeed, by the time of the mid 1990s, computer related injuries such as persistent backache, carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injury had become a significant problem for both employers and employees in modern offices.

Once the scope of these problems was fully appreciated, office furniture manufacturers changed their designs to better accommodate the needs of office workers who used computers on a daily basis. These design changes were very significant as they proved to be the basis for the furniture which we all use today.

So what exactly were the changes that were made to reduce those work related injuries? And furthermore, how can today’s modern furniture options help to prevent office injuries?

Read on to find out.

Once manufacturers became aware of the type of computer-related injuries and conditions that office workers in the 1990s were experiencing, they introduced the concept of ergonomically designed furniture. In essence, this type of furniture was designed to offer flexible comfort to accommodate individuals rather than uniform function to suit the average person. The main changes that were achieved in this process were that office chairs could be easily adjusted to comply with a user’s needs and that desks were designed with curves so that they could be accessed more easily. Although ergonomic solutions were initially expensive, they soon became the norm as most manufacturers embraced the new concept and therefore prices came down.

Space planning
Another concept which has gained great weight over the last two decades is that of space planning. Indeed, space planning can be invaluable when it comes to reducing injuries within the workplace as simple measures such as rearranging desks so that chairs do not back into walkways are easy to achieve and yield great benefits. Similarly, positioning storage units in areas that are easily accessible can also help to reduce the risk of injuries as it minimises the need for employees to stretch and strain themselves.

Another area in which modern furniture solutions can be of assistance in offices is that of reducing mental injuries. This is because the inclusion of suitable office desks, chairs and storage units can increase productivity in the workplace, therefore deadlines will be met earlier and levels of stress will be lower.

We here at Furniture At Work (TM) are proud to offer a wide range of ergonomically designed office-based furniture which can help to reduce the risk of injuries occurring in the workplace. To find out more or view our excellent products in greater detail, either explore our pages further or call our sales hotline on 0844 415 9700.

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