Modern Office Desks for the 21st Century

It is fair to say that the average British office environment has changed enormously over the last three decades. Indeed, it was very common for offices in the 1980s to be noisy places that echoed with the persistent clickety-clack of typewriters and resonated with the solid clunks of filing cabinets. Moreover, open-plan offices were a rarity as the dominant thinking back then was that people could work better if they were surrounded by screens that would deaden the noise.

Of course, the rise of computers changed all of this.

Indeed, the introduction and increased use of computers in offices forced office furniture manufacturers to re-imagine their designs and create furniture solutions which would be able to accommodate the needs of the modern office worker.

Although it may not seem like it, the humble office desk is one item of occupational furniture that has changed a great deal over the last three decades. To be sure, modern desks are now designed, used and complimented in a completely different way to how they were twenty or thirty years ago.

Cable management
One of the most immediately recognisable aspects of modern desks is that they are designed to accommodate a wealth of electric and electronic cables. To be sure, today’s modern desks not only come complete with cable management holes in the desktop (‘grommets’); many of them also have power points attached to them or sometimes even built into them.

With office workers statistically spending more time at there desks than ever before, it is integral that they are able to feel comfortable whilst they work. Ergonomically designed desks can be of great assistance as they can be adjusted to suit a user’s needs and can provide plentiful amounts of space for computers and office essentials. In addition, curve or wave-shaped desks are also far more common these days as they can help users to enjoy more efficient levels of access. The best way to take advantage of ergonomic desks is to compliment them with ergonomic office chairs.

Like desks, storage options have developed markedly over the last few decades. To be sure, desk-related storage options such as pedestals have changed considerably to meet the needs of the 21st century office worker. This can be seen most clearly in the fact that mobile pedestals are now far more popular than fixed pedestals. The main reason for this is that mobile pedestals are so easy to move. Indeed, these handy storage solutions can be moved to suit people who are left (or right) handed; can be moved from under the desk when extra space is required, and can be easily transferred to another desk whenever a user is required to move to another working location.

Here at Furniture At Work (TM), we are proud to offer a wide selection of modern office desks to suit the needs of 21st century workers. To find out more, simply browse our web pages further or call our sales hotline on 0844 415 9700.

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