Creating the perfect space to work in at home

Home working can sound like heaven to many office-bound workers who have to put up with annoying colleagues, long and frustrating commutes and so on. However, just as with traditional working setups, there are plenty of pitfalls for people to avoid.

One of the big issues that trips a lot of individuals up is having insufficient or inappropriate home office furniture. In formal working environments, a lot of attention gets paid to the ergonomics of spaces. However, in the domestic setting, things can be very different.


For example, not having good seating can lead to health problems. Over time, people can develop back issues and if the situation is not resolved quickly enough, the medical complaints can become painful and chronic. Of course, it’s also difficult for individuals to concentrate if they’re not comfortable and this can affect their ability to work. For similar reasons, it’s important that computers are based at a suitable height.

Another issue concerns storage. Without the right office bookcases, cabinets, drawers and so on, impromptu offices can become cluttered and chaotic. This may cause people to lose documents and it can significantly slow them down. Spending time in messy environments is also stressful.

A savvy approach

To avoid issues like this, it’s a good idea to be methodical when you’re setting up at home. Before you begin, it’s helpful to select an area in your property that you can designate as your professional space. If you’ve got enough square footage, you may be able to devote an entire room to this. If not, you can use a corner of another room or part of a hallway. Wherever you choose should be peaceful during the day.

By converting this area into a working zone, you can help ensure that you’re comfy and focussed while performing your tasks. Also, it may help you to achieve an effective work-life balance. In contrast, if you resort to using the couch and coffee table, for example, you are mixing your personal and professional spheres.

Stocking up

Once you know how much space you’re working with, it’s time to stock up on some office furniture online. Here at Furniture At Work™, we’re experts when it comes to products like this and should have everything you need.

Getting your hands on the ideal items may be much easier than you think, and thanks to our low prices, you won’t have to break the bank either. To see our full range, simply take a look around our website.

Finishing touches

Once you’ve bought all the furniture you need, you might want to invest in some finishing touches to help make your working space even better. For example, maybe a nice piece of art for the wall would add some colour to the area. Meanwhile, pot plants can give a feeling of freshness.

Paying attention to the even small details like this can make a huge difference to your experience of home working and it can help to ensure that you feel comfortable and focussed while you’re getting on with your job.

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