Creating multifunctional spaces with office screens

Office management is not easy. There are lots issues to keep on top of, including those relating to stock and personnel. Then there’s design to think of. The layout of working environments can have a profound impact on how well entire companies function. For example, it can affect productivity, morale and staff retention.

One of the problems you may face when it comes to setting up your office is a lack of space. Commercial premises come at a premium and you might have to put up with limited square footage to help you balance your books. Thankfully, help is at hand. It’s now possible to pick up a plethora of products for the office, including special desk and floor screens.

Creating sanctuaries within big, noisy rooms

By far the most efficient way to utilise office space is to by setting up large, open plan areas. This allows you to fit more workers into a given space. However, it also comes with certain disadvantages. For example, these rooms can become noisy and chaotic, meaning employees struggle to focus on their own tasks.

Making savvy use of office room dividers can quickly, easily and above all cheaply address this problem. These screens can serve to create small rooms within rooms, or, on a smaller scale, individual worker booths.

Special events

You can also use these dividers to create short-term spaces for certain events. Because you can move them around as and when you need to, you’re free to make interview areas, appraisal meeting spaces and other special zones as and when you need to.

This means you don’t have to have designated rooms for this purpose, which can save you space and therefore money.

Easy to assemble

Here at Furniture At Work™ we offer a whole array of screens that could be perfect for your organisation. The products come with various features and you can take your pick between different styles.

Meanwhile, each of the items is lightweight and easy to assemble, meaning you and your personnel won’t have to struggle with them when you want to install or move them.


Being able to transform the way your workspace looks, feels and functions in a matter of moments can be liberating. As and when the needs of your company change, you can be ready to alter your office in the appropriate ways.

Very little cost

Meanwhile, these items are inexpensive, which may be welcome news if you’re operating on a limited budget.

Indeed, all of our office furniture is great value for money. So, if you’d like to stock up on new chairs, desks, storage solutions and so on as well as investing in screens, your finances may well cover it.

More info

To find out more about exactly what we have to offer, just take a look around the rest of our website or get in touch.

Our friendly and helpful team are on hand to provide you with all the support and advice you need, meaning you should find the process easy.

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