Utilising Office Bookshelves Well

Bookshelves are an interesting feature in an office. They aren’t the most common feature because so much these days is stored digitally or online, but they do have particular uses in different environments. Part of that use is functional and part of it is for image. At Furniture At Work ™ we have a large

Great Reception Chairs For That First Impression

Office furniture doesn’t just mean the items that only internal employees will see, it also means items that can be used for seating visitors and delegates. These seats are particularly important because they will form part of your first presentation as a company that could have a larger impact on the opinion of people than

Stylish And Functional Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets are an effective way of keeping important documents safe and accessible in your business. Despite the increasing digitisation of documents, there is still a need for important documents to be on hand, a fact that is made all the more imperative when signatures are involved. At Furniture At Work ™ we have a

Free Next Day Office Furniture

Businesses often need office equipment very quickly for a variety of reasons. Perhaps extra workers are being sent from another branch to help take advantage of a geographical surge in business, or perhaps it is just routine expansion that has meant a need for more equipment fast. Fortunately, Furniture At Work ™ has developed a

Office Chairs For The Entire Company

When it comes to buying office chairs it is important to see things from the perspective of your employees. They will be sitting in these chairs for most of the day and will have a list of requirements that if not met could result in reduced productivity, a complaint, or even an injury. Chairs really