Office Chairs For The Entire Company

When it comes to buying office chairs it is important to see things from the perspective of your employees. They will be sitting in these chairs for most of the day and will have a list of requirements that if not met could result in reduced productivity, a complaint, or even an injury. Chairs really ought to be adjustable in different ways so that people can move it under a desk adequately, lower its height and recline on it. Not all chairs have these functions, but satisfying a few of these requirements may be enough. Padding is also an important aspect that needs to be addressed, particularly for those who are to be sitting at a computer every day. Ergonomically designed chairs will make best use of padding that maintains its consistency and shape, even through prolonged usage. A high backed chair can support the shoulders while a contoured lower back will improve sitting posture which can make the chair effortless to sit in. Having arms is also a great aspect, since employees will be able to rest their elbows on them while operating a mouse with ease. Swivel chairs are also preferred, and those on runners will also be very easy to move around. Furniture At Work ™ have a wide variety of seating options for your employees, each of which have been designed to maximise comfort while also being cost effective. We also give you the option of buying in bulk in order to make a further saving.

If you are looking for something with a more premium look, then we have leather office chairs available at very affordable prices. At £40 for an adjustable chair with arms, it really is hard to go wrong, but the people who will benefit most will be those who use it. A leather chair not only gives comfort but also gives a room a more upmarket look, making these chairs great for boardrooms or anywhere you might be entertaining guests.

Cheap office furniture is great when you have to kit out many rooms, but sometimes it takes something more elegant for certain rooms. We have an upmarket range of leather chairs that are great for executive offices for when the look is often the most important aspect. Whether its complete comfort that can allow you to concentrate for many hours, or a place to have discussions where hierarchy is an important aspect, a leather chair can communicate many things. We have affordable premium options around £100 to £200 through to luxury items that are available for hundreds.

Fabric chairs are typically what you will find in many offices. They are designed for comfort and affordability, satisfying all of the requirements of employees and providing them with a solid base to work from. They are a great all round item that are comfortable to sit on for hours as well as being easy to clean. All of our fabric chairs are best bought in bulk to drive down the price.

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