Great Reception Chairs For That First Impression

Office furniture doesn’t just mean the items that only internal employees will see, it also means items that can be used for seating visitors and delegates. These seats are particularly important because they will form part of your first presentation as a company that could have a larger impact on the opinion of people than you think. Being able to treat people to a nice seating area that allows them to feel the quality of the place they are in, while also perhaps taking in your branding, logo and processes is very important. While first impressions in interpersonal relationships might be glib, in business you often don’t get the chance to improve upon them. An important delegate might only see your business once and it is in this one meeting you have to make all of your impressions count. This can place a huge importance on the front that a business presents and at Furniture At Work ™ we have some great options for you. We have modular reception chairs that allow you to place them around as you desire, so you can make the best of the space you have to offer in your reception area. The great thing is that this seating offer is also BS7176 medium hazard compliant, meaning you can rely on it to not cause you any problems with regards to meeting regulations. The chairs are comfortable and can seat as many people as you wish also coming a wide variety of different colours giving you the maximum scope to combine it with your pre-existing decor. Because we don’t want to impose on the designs in your office, the style is simple but effective allowing our chairs to blend in with a variety of different designs.

If you are looking for something a little more stylish, we can also accommodate you and your guests without breaking the bank. Office reception furniture doesn’t necessarily have to be unadventurous and this is certainly the case with our leather and vinyl reception range. Leather chairs are particularly great for those design agencies for whom impressions are at the forefront of what they do. Many of these designs go very well in areas that are meant for impact, such as rooms that are primarily made of stone or other open brickwork areas. With such a variety of designs it will be easier for you to pick a design from our range that rationalises with the impression that you are trying to create. Many of these chairs are luxurious because sometimes it is vital to make your guests feel important. The Moreto Chair is a great example of this with strong but stylish V shape chrome legs as well as a thoroughly contemporary design. Possible the most contemporary design award must go to the Gallup, however. Its effortlessly elegant circular design is tailor made for social areas, which means its great for creative or relaxing breakout areas as well. Being able to move such stylish furniture to fit different functions can improve the return on investment that you might see with a particular piece of furniture.

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