Utilising Office Bookshelves Well

Bookshelves are an interesting feature in an office. They aren’t the most common feature because so much these days is stored digitally or online, but they do have particular uses in different environments. Part of that use is functional and part of it is for image. At Furniture At Work ™ we have a large range from the purely functional to the intrinsically stylish. The important thing for you to ask is “what do I go for?” The most stylish bookcase that you can order from our office furniture online store is the wooden arc bookcase. It is designed to be thoroughly contemporary with curves snaking their way down the bookcase creating shelves for each level. Its retro-modern design is a great feature for any private commercial or home office that must communicate something of the person behind the desk. It has a real wood veneer construction and can take a maximum load of 50 kilograms per shelf making it one of our heaviest loading designer shelving units too. With Black Ash, Walnut and Oak to choose from, you have a range of tonality to blend with your current design aesthetic. The only problem then is which items to display on it.

While real wood bookcases may be an option for executive offices it isn’t necessarily an option for all. We have a great range of more affordable bookcases that are designed for ease of use as well as building in some aesthetic consideration. Our steel open bookcases can allow employees to quickly and easily find what they are looking for. The great thing about the Stormor Mono Starter Bay and other units is that they are manufactured to stringent quality control regulations, most notably BS EN ISO 90001:2000 which ensures that it is a safe item for use in an office environment which is great for storing important books, documentation or other items. This item can also be adjusted very easily so you can store bulkier items that other more traditional shelves simply cannot take.

If you are looking for closed varieties then the Stormor Duo Closed Starter Bay is the answer. It is also manufactured to BS EN ISO 90001:2000 but this one also complies with the clear access requirements of BS 5454. These shelves can also be placed together to extend their storage capacity with the Stormor Duo Closed Extension Bay which is a great way to cut on costs.

Corner bookcases are great because they can make use of space that would otherwise be wasted. If you are struggling for space in your business or home office, then one of these could provide a surprising amount of storage room. We have both open and closed varieties so you can make things as accessible or as private as you need. The shelves can take standard lever arch files while the unit itself meets BS 476 PT7 Class 1 standards. The units also come with a lengthy 6 year warranty and can be rapidly assembled.

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