How to Create the Perfect Classroom Learning Environment in your School

The type of environment a child is taught in can have a huge impact on how well they learn. So, if you are a head teacher, you need to ensure all of your classrooms offer pupils adequate amounts of space as well as suitable furnishings

Adequate Space
The use of space is vital in its flexibility and ease of movement. It is very important that children don’t feel squashed and uncomfortable. To this end, each pupil should have enough room to work so that their arms do not bang into one another.

Fortunately, there are some very simple measures which can help you to ensure this.

For example, pupils who are left-handed should be sat at the left hand corner of their table as this will provide their left arm with room to move. Similarly, classrooms that are rowed with individual desks would benefit from having left-handed pupils seated on the row which is farthest to the teacher’s right-hand side

Pupils that have motor co-ordination difficulties (e.g. dyspraxia) also need to be suitably catered for in a classroom environment. Again this is relatively simple as the provision of a sloping work surface and a foot rest can help to make all the difference without compromising on space as a whole.

Suitable Furnishings
Children are more likely to take things in when they are sitting comfortably. So, even though your school budget may invariably be pretty tight, it is very important that you invest in school furniture which is comfortable as well as practical.

Of course, the demands made on classroom tables, chairs and desks are different to those made on any other type of furniture. Indeed, these furnishings will need to stand up to far more wear and tear than the average adult work station or home office desk. Moreover, your classroom furniture will also most likely be used for a whole range of different uses throughout the year so it needs to provide great deal in the way flexibility as well.

Fortunately, modern school furnishings are available in a wide an array of designs that are more than capable of dealing with the rigours of classroom life. Indeed, we here at Furniture At Work™ know this better than anyone as we sell an extensive range of educational and office furniture online that is able to provide schools of all means with practical and comfortable tables, desks and chairs.

As well as providing outstanding deals with instant credit; we can also deliver readily assembled furniture the day after you place your order, so you can be sure your chosen items will arrive in double-quick time and be ‘ready to go’.

Quite simply; carefully considering your school’s space and furnishings will help you to create the perfect classroom learning environment within your school and ensure your pupils (and teachers) are able to reach their true potential.

And at the end of the day, that is surely what teaching is all about!

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