How to Create an Impressive Reception Area without Blowing your Budget

It is a simple fact that most people subconsciously form an opinion of a person, group or organisation within ten seconds of encountering them.

Naturally, this can be significantly important in the world of business. Certainly, being consistently judged by potential clients, investors or partners in a negative way within seconds of them arriving to meet you at your premises can be disastrous.

The simple truth is that, when it comes to business, you need to ensure that anyone who comes to meet you at your place of work is suitably impressed as soon as they arrive. This basically means that they need to feel a positive vibe as soon as they enter your organisation’s reception area.

And the best way of achieving of this is by investing in suitably impressive reception furniture.

Suitable Guest Furniture
Like nearly every other business organisation, you will no doubt have a reception area where visitors introduce themselves to a receptionist member of staff before sitting and waiting for a company representative to come and greet them. It is vitally important that your reception area looks appealing, clean and stylish. Moreover, it is also paramount that the furniture housed within it is comfortable, functional and suitable. Of all these requirements, ‘suitable’ is perhaps the most operative word. For instance, dark leather sofas and neutral coloured coffee tables may well be a suitable option if you run a firm of accountants, whereas brightly coloured tub chairs and outlandish wall art may be more in keeping with your image if you are the CEO of a vibrant web design company

The All-Important Desk
The type of desk you have in your reception is of course very important. Indeed, the reception desk will be the first thing your guests look for when they arrive so it is vital that you choose something which will give off the right impression. Moreover, reception desks also have to be very practical as the employees behind them will often need to multi-task at speed. It is vital that your receptionist staff have a desk that will enable them to be efficient. If they are inefficient then your guests will have to wait to be seen – and this will not encourage them to form a good opinion about your company.

Whilst you will no doubt want to create a reception area that is suitably impressive, you will probably not want to spend a great deal of money to achieve your aims. After all, the economy is still in poor shape and budgetary restraints are every bit as stifling now as they were five years ago.

Fortunately, we here at Furniture At Work ™ can be of assistance in this respect as our reception and office furniture solutions are amongst the most competitively priced available. So, if you’re looking to create a great impression and don’t want to blow your budget in the process, make us your first port of call!

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