Office furniture can impact on staff morale

There’s no doubting the importance of office furniture. If you lack the right items for your working space, you’ll quickly run into problems.

Before you go ahead and source new products, it may be a good idea to get to grips with the needs and preferences of your workers. After all, they will be using the furniture, so it’s important they give the items the thumbs up.

Highlighting the importance of communication

Showing that communication is key when it comes to office design, research conducted by Community Care and Unison recently revealed that many social workers are frustrated by a particular use of office desks within their organisations.

Many of these individuals are subject to so-called ‘hot desking’ procedures, meaning they don’t have their own allocated desk to work on. Instead, they use any desk that’s free when they arrive at work.

Facts and figures

The study revealed that three-quarters of social workers do not have their own space in their offices. This is despite the fact that the same proportion of respondents hated the idea of hot desking. Meanwhile, nine in ten of those polled claimed this fluid approach to working space has a detrimental effect on morale.

In addition, around 90 per cent suggested it raises their stress levels and eight in ten complained they do not have access to the same level of support.


One individual spoke of rarely seeing colleagues and managers and of sometimes having to take confidential files home at the end of the day, while another revealed they often have to wait until after work to have private conversations with their manager.

A third respondent remarked: “Little thought seems to be given to the importance of sharing knowledge and skills within the office environment. Employees feel devalued when their employer won’t even provide them with a desk and the space to put one. I don’t think it’s much to ask in the larger scheme of things.”

Meanwhile, Unison’s national officer for social care Helga Pile stated: “The survey results show that the policy of hot desking needs to be urgently reviewed.”

Collaboration may pay off

Of course, in some cases hot desking may be perfectly suitable and beneficial. However, to make sure you don’t dent morale among your employees by imposing office set-ups they don’t like, it may pay off to adopt a collaborative approach when designing the layout of your working space and choosing your office furniture.

Getting your personnel in on the decisions you make could help ensure they feel valued and ultimately it may lead to a more harmonious environment.

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