How office screens may help you boost productivity

Productivity is a buzz word in business. If your firm is not operating as efficiently as possible, it may prove to be unsustainable. After all, there is plenty of competition in the market place these days and staying ahead of the game is not easy.

Also, trading conditions are tough. The economy hasn’t yet fully recovered from the banking crisis and finance is still proving hard to come by. Also, persuading people and organisations to part with their cash for goods and services is no mean feat.

A proactive approach

To help ensure your company is running as smoothly and effectively as possible, it’s a good idea to analyse each aspect of your operations to see if improvements can be made. For example, at present your office may be too noisy and chaotic, meaning workers struggle to concentrate.

If this is the case, now could be a good time to source new office furniture online. By being savvy and investing in the right products, you should find it is possible to bring greater calm to your working space.


Among the products that are well worth investigating are office screens. Don’t let the simplicity of these objects fool you. They can be highly effective in a whole range of working environments.

Here at Furniture At Work™ we sell an array of these items and should have the ideal versions for you. Some of the most popular partitions are desk screens. These can be used to create cubicle-like spaces for individual staff members or small groups of workers and they can significantly cut the level of distraction people face.

Floor screens are another option. These items can separate whole areas - in effect creating rooms within rooms. Lots of companies use them to designate particular departments or teams and they can also come in handy as a means of creating temporary meeting areas or interview rooms.

The perfect balance

There’s no doubting the fact that open plan offices tend to be cheaper to run than other forms of working space. Also, they can promote cross-business communication and cohesion. However, they aren’t without their problems. Unless you manage them effectively, they can quickly become loud and chaotic.

However, by investing in new office screens, you should be able to achieve the perfect balance. People can still find their colleagues easily and you get all the space saving benefits of open plan offices, but it’s also easy to control noise and distraction.


Meanwhile, these products are also hugely flexible. Because they are so light and easy to move, you can change their location and function as often as you please. This means you needn’t panic about putting them in the wrong place.

Basically, you can experiment with their position as much as you want until you’re completely happy with the results.

See for yourself

To check out our impressive range of screens for yourself, just take a look around our website. You won’t be disappointed by the level of choice you face and you might also be pleasantly surprised by our low prices.

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