The big impact of simple office screens

Office screens may be simple in design, but they can have a massive impact on working environments. Here at Furniture At Work™ we offer a range of different screens and should have exactly what you’re looking for. These items are inexpensive and yet can have a major influence on your bottom line. If you use

Those little extras that help make the perfect reception

Reception areas are hugely important. When people enter these areas, they tend to make all sorts of judgements about the companies they belong to. If you get this right and present your firm in the best possible light, individuals who come through your doors will think you’re a professional and well run organisation. If you

Getting the perfect home office furniture

Home working has been in the spotlight over recent weeks. This winter’s bad weather, which saw many parts of the UK virtually grind to a halt because of icy roads and public transport disruption, has caused many employers to think about their working practices. Flexible employment that enables people to operate from home can be

A clutter free office

Clutter and offices are two things that don’t mix well. Ideally, working spaces should be well organised and tidy and, when they are, workers are better able to get on with their tasks efficiently and effectively. When they aren’t however, all manner of problems can arise. For example, employees are more likely to end up

Setting the scene with stylish meeting tables

Meetings in your organisation may often be informal and your staff members might be involved in them on a daily basis, or certainly very frequently. However, every so often you might stage highly important meetings. For example, gatherings with officials, potential investors, business partners and other third-parties can be crucial. During these events, it’s important