Those little extras that help make the perfect reception

Reception areas are hugely important. When people enter these areas, they tend to make all sorts of judgements about the companies they belong to. If you get this right and present your firm in the best possible light, individuals who come through your doors will think you’re a professional and well run organisation. If you get it wrong, their estimations of you may sink.

This is why it’s so crucial to invest in suitable reception furniture. While getting new products requires a little investment, it can pay dividends.

Attention to detail

When you think of this area of your premises, your attention may immediately be drawn to the big-ticket items like reception desks and seating. Of course, these items are key, but it’s important to consider the smaller objects. Paying attention to detail like this can help to give your reception that wow factor.

Stylish tables

For example, you might need somewhere to place magazines, newspapers and leaflets and stylish coffee tables fulfil this purpose perfectly. You might be interested in our Guyana table. This contemporary glass table exudes class and style and it could make the perfect addition to your reception. It comes complete with a frosted glass shelf and chrome angled legs.

Tables like this can also be great if your visitors need somewhere to rest their handbags, drinks or other items.

Coat stands

Everyone’s out and about in their thick winter coats at this time of year and having to lug them around indoors can be a pain. By providing a special stand, you can eradicate this problem. When people enter your reception, they’ll be able to hang their jackets up quickly and easily.

These items can also look the part. They have a certain classical elegance about them and, depending on the style you go for, they can also have an almost sculptural look to them. This is great as it means you get a piece of art as well as practical item of furniture all in one.

A great example is the Festival coat stand in black. This metal tubular construction comes with five rounded coat pegs that can be adjusted into almost any position. It also has an umbrella stand with detachable water retainer.

Finishing touches

Once you’ve found the ideal pieces of furniture for your reception, your thoughts can turn to the finishing touches. For example, it’s great to have fresh flowers in this part of your office. They really brighten the spaces up and help to put a spring in people’s step.

You might decide to invest in some artwork for the walls too, and it’s also possible to incorporate big screens into your reception. You can use these to show the news, promotional material for your firm or anything else.

Come to us

When you’re on the hunt for desks, tables, seating, coat stands and other items of furniture for your reception, you can come to us. Here at Furniture At Work™ we offer an impressive array of office furniture UK at great value prices.

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