The big impact of simple office screens

Office screens may be simple in design, but they can have a massive impact on working environments. Here at Furniture At Work™ we offer a range of different screens and should have exactly what you’re looking for.

These items are inexpensive and yet can have a major influence on your bottom line. If you use them well, you stand to boost efficiency and productivity among your workers and ultimately this can translate into extra money for your organisation.


When workers have to operate in large, open plan areas, they can suffer from a loss of concentration. It’s hard to stay focussed when there’s lots going on all around and, depending on the nature of your office, sound may travel all too easily across the room.

This is one of the major downsides to open plan working. Although it is cost-effective, it can hinder employee performance.

What you can do

Rather than simply putting up with this, now may be the time to take action. By having a look around our website, you can take your pick from a range of office room dividers and should quickly find versions that tick all of your boxes.

Being proactive like this and addressing the issue could reap significant rewards over the long term. Trading conditions in Britain and many other countries around the world remain tough and so it’s important that you manage to squeeze every last ounce of productivity from your team. Purchasing special screens to separate certain areas within your office can help you achieve this.


You might opt to use the screens to designate spaces for particular departments within your organisation. Because our dividers are available in different colours, they can be used to colour-code an office, creating a simple identification scheme for different groups of workers.

Individual booths

You can also use desk dividers to provide individuals with their own private spaces. This can help them focus and it also makes it easier to keep offices tidy.


The great thing about these products is the fact they’re so easy to use. They take a matter of moments to put up and if you decide to change the layout of your room, you can shift the dividers with complete ease.

Lots of choice

To see all the products available to you, just take a look around our website. You’ll soon discover why we’re such a popular choice among firms that need new office furniture. We provide an array of different items, including premium, deluxe and assembled floor screens.

Also, you won’t struggle to find solutions that fall within your budget. We go out of our way to offer superb value for money and you might be pleasantly surprised by the price tags attached to our products. Meanwhile, with a total of more than 145,000 products to choose from, you won’t be short of options.

Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll make sure your products are despatched as soon as possible via our fleet of 120 trucks, which work around the clock and are manned by qualified fitters.

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