The stress busting benefits of effective office furniture

No office is complete without some form of seating, desks and storage and, these days, there are lots of items of office furniture for you to choose from.

It’s important to appreciate the significance of these products. As well as ensuring your personnel are able to function properly, the items can also help to protect their wellbeing and minimise stress. For example, comfortable seating is paramount and it’s vital that working areas are organised and tidy.

The pressure is building on UK workers

Making sure your office looks and feels the part to help keep staff morale levels up may be particularly important now. According to research conducted by Canada Life Group, UK employees are feeling the strain.

It polled a total of 1,613 people and revealed that 61 per cent of them felt 2012 was more stressful than the previous year. Meanwhile, over a fifth (22 per cent) of the individuals who experienced stress were too embarrassed to ask for help.

Negative impact

Nearly half (48 per cent) of those surveyed stated that their worries and concerns impacted negatively on their working life, with ten per cent admitting to taking time off as a result.

Also, 31 per cent stated they suffer from lower concentration levels and productivity as a consequence of stress.

Taking stress seriously

Commenting on the findings, managing director of Canada Life Group Paul Avis said: “It is worrying that problems within the workplace were also a major cause of anxiety last year. Employers should take note that this caused one in ten of the UK employees we surveyed to take time off work, while many saw a negative effect on their concentration levels and productivity.

“These statistics clearly demonstrate it is in an employer’s interest to take issues involving stress seriously. An employee should never feel too embarrassed to let their boss know the damaging effect stress is having on their life.”

Creating a harmonious environment

There are lots of factors that impact on workers’ stress levels and their office environment is one of them. This means it’s well worth your while ensuring that you create a harmonious space in which your personnel feel comfortable and well equipped to get on with their tasks.

To help you achieve this, it’s important to find comfy and practical office chairs and desks and there are also other issues you may benefit from considering.


For example, making sure you have enough storage in the form of bookcases, cupboards and lockers may be key. Being able to put paperwork and other items away neatly helps workers to remain organised, meaning they are less likely to misplace and lose things. Ultimately, this can significantly cut their stress levels.

Also, tidy offices are more pleasant to spend time in and they have a relaxing effect on the people in them.

Take a look

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