Simple ways to control noise in your office

No office is completely silent. However, it is important to control noise levels within working environments. If your office gets too raucous, your personnel may not be able to focus properly and this could have a negative impact on your bottom line and make running your company more difficult. It could also make the recruitment and retention of the most talented individuals tricky.

To help reduce noise within your office, it’s well worth thinking about the furniture you use. Like a lot of offices, yours may be largely or entirely open plan, making it hard to keep the volume down. However, with the clever use of office room dividers and other products, you stand a better chance.

See for yourself

Here at Furniture At Work™ we specialise in offering cheap office furniture and may have exactly what you need for your working space.

For example, perhaps our desk screens will be ideal for your office. These give individual workers more privacy and can help them feel as though they have their own area in which to get on with their tasks. Also, while these items don’t prevent personnel from conversing with colleagues when they really want or need to, they can help to reduce unnecessary chatter. We provide a variety of these screens in different styles and colours and should have the perfect versions for you.

It’s also worthwhile taking a look at the room dividers we sell. These make it easy to create designated areas within larger rooms and can make a huge difference to noise levels.

Little extras

When it comes to minimising noise in offices, screens are arguably the most effective products. Also, they’re inexpensive and can easily be moved from one area to another. However, they’re not the only items worth considering. There are little extras that you may also want to think about.

For instance, according to the European Federation of Interior Landscape Groups (eFIG), research has indicated that plants can boost concentration.


It claimed that studies have shown plants have a calming effect on workers, particularly on those who are sat in front of a computer screen for more than four hours a day. This can help to raise efficiency by up to 12 per cent.

Meanwhile, the eFIG also suggested that this can bolster productivity by as much as 32 per cent and it can reduce absenteeism.

A harmonious space

By minimising noise with the help of special screens and calming influences like plants, you might find you’re able to create a more harmonious working environment that’s easier to function in.

It’s certainly worth checking out the options open to you. You needn’t spend much money at all to achieve impressive results and the process of ordering products via our website couldn’t be easier.

We have more than 100 furniture professionals waiting to take your call and we’re available by phone from 8am until 8pm. Meanwhile, we have £15 million worth of stock ready for same day despatch and a dedicated fleet of 120 trucks working around the clock.

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