Why Homeworkers Still Need an Office

The coming of the Digital Age has massively changed the way we work here in Britain. After all, the wide availability of high speed Internet and the prevalence of mobile communications now make it possible for more people than ever to work from home as remote workers or freelance professionals.

Indeed, there are signs that the number of people working from home is on the increase in the UK. According to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), a total of 59% of employers who responded to a survey in 2011 stated they were offering their employees opportunities to work from home. This figure represents an increase of some 13% from a similar survey carried out in 2006.

Of course, there are also all of the freelancers and online traders (professional eBay-ers and Amazon-ers) to take into account as well.

Clearly, we Brits are people who like the idea of working from home very much.

However, it is safe to say that people who are new to home working often approach it with the wrong attitude when they first get the opportunity to ‘live the dream’. To be sure, many fledgling homeworkers cannot wait to simply laze around on the sofa in their pyjamas, producing work on a casual ‘as and when’ basis. Truly, there is something inherently satisfying about being all chilled-out and relaxed in the comfort of your own home when you know everyone else has to put up with having the boss looking over their shoulder.

However, the reality is that this satisfaction is short-lived and unproductive. Not just unproductive in the psychological sense but also unproductive in the tangible sense. This is because working in this way inevitably leads a home worker to develop habits and behaviours early on that will stop them from working as hard as they could (or indeed, should). The result of this is that employees given opportunities to work remotely will find themselves being quickly recalled to their office and freelancers and online traders will ultimately be unsuccessful in their endeavours.

The truth is that home workers who want to be truly productive need to create a designated space in their home that will make them act professionally and be productive whenever they are in it.

Quite simply, homeworkers need to have a home office.

Without doubt, having an allocated room or area with a corner office desk and a decent chair in really can make all the difference when it comes to working from home. This is because an office-type environment doesn’t just provide home workers with a practical place to carry out their tasks; it also helps to get their brain switched into ‘professional mode’ that much quicker. Moreover, sitting in an ergonomic chair and working at an ergonomic corner desk is much healthier than slouching on the sofa with a laptop.

Truly, investing in just a few items of suitable office furniture from us here at Furniture At Work™ will help any homeworker to be more productive.

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