Discreet And Secure Cupboards

At Furniture At Work™ we have gone to great lengths to give you a fantastic variety when it comes to storage solutions. Of course, with offices being literally any shape you could imagine, this bodes extremely well. As well as this, it also ensures that with us you should be able to find exactly what you want in terms of design and price. We typically stock items in several colours, so it is important to always bear this in mind since you could find something that exactly matches your current or desired scheme.

Economy Cupboards

A storage cupboard is a great way to keep an office neat and tidy. They typically have several shelves and are extremely durable. One of the best examples of this is our Economy Cupboards. These are available in grey and cream/coffee colours which will enable them to discretely blend into your work environment. You can specify how many shelves you want each cupboard to have, with this particular instance accepting up to 4. With only one shelf you can easily store those larger objects while the strong doors are kept in line with door stiffeners. This is a great investment if you are looking to provide high quality, high volume storage at a great price throughout one of your facilities. These are literally office staples across the country.

Something More Secure

One of the things often lacking from much office furniture is a reliable security solution. Our Security Cupboards are specifically designed to give you this with fantastically arranged, spacious cupboards which also come up trumps in terms of secure design. Again, you can dictate how many shelves you want in the cupboard with a maximum of four possible, but where this cupboard really stands out is in its security features. The all steel construction adds some reinforcements to your office and the two point locking system with hasp and staple will go well with a padlock. The door colours can be modified to give these shelves some colour co-ordination which can help those with clearance to be able to identify the contents without opening it.

The most secure option we have in stock is the High Security Cupboard. This builds on the previous option with fully welded, cold rolled 16 gauge heavy duty steel. It is built like a tank in order to keep your most important information safe. As such, the doors are inset to prevent people from crow-barring into them while the hinges are concealed so as to provide further security. It comes with a different locking system as well, with reinforced 10mm rods that lock into place with the 7 lever safety lock. This ensures that the doors can’t be removed even if the hinges are detached! You will be given two keys, which must be kept safe and secure themselves.

If your current security solution is failing or isn’t even in place, going for our next day office furniture delivery with this can help you to plug that security leak as soon as possible.

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