Designer Chairs That Communicate

There is no rule stating that contemporary office furniture cannot look modern or even designer. Many buyers will be tempted by the more functional designs on display simply because they tick so many boxes, but at Furniture At Work™ we have many different options that not only fulfill your immediate requirements but can also fulfil what you want in terms of image. This includes the necessities of health and safety, ensuring that people can sit for long periods without suffering from such problems as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). Each design we showcase is created to ensure that workers adopt the correct posture and position, although they must ensure they follow the correct procedures too.


There are an increasing number of businesses who count on the furniture of their business space to express who they are because it completes the image they are trying to convey. One such business sector is the professional creative industry. These have been growing for a long time even culminating in professional creative websites that purely advertise creative jobs. This indicates that there is a significant space for web designers and graphic designers to advertise themselves in a sphere where image is all important. But for these businesses, it is important to be able to express ideals and messages in order to attract more business and look like the outfit they purport to be. Specific furniture such as our executive mesh chairs have a completely different message than those that are made from fabric or even those that are made from leather. They can imply and reinforce to clients that you stand for a level of creativity without you having to explicitly say it. In the case of the companies that deal with marketing, this can be a vital method of communicating since they should be adept at marketing themselves first!

The Dalla Mesh Chair

One of the best examples of designer yet cheap office furniture is the Dalla Mesh Chair. It is available at an individual price of £170 which is a snip considering the recommended retail price of £423! It is designer all the way looking elegant and consummately professional - an artist’s chair within a professional space that lets your clients know you work within an artistic sphere but take business seriously. The high back encourages a good posture which so many chairs simply overlook. The leather effect seat is designed to be comfortable over long sitting periods and will retain its shape well. It works well behind a conventional desk or any other type of artist’s desk given the gas height adjustment mechanism. It also allows the user to recline the chair to a significant angle allowing for consideration, relaxation and contemplation. The tension control will take into account an individual’s weight and requirements, adjusting to their requirements as well as that of any modular office furniture. The arms simply add more comfort and again, encourage a very good posture while working at a desk, either at a computer or at the drawing board for long periods.

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