Boardroom Table Considerations

The conference table holds a special position of centrality and importance in a company. It is something that you cannot really afford to dismiss or get wrong since it is at this table that the most important decisions of your business will be taken. The table should be something that can be used daily with little notice and should not become a hindrance to anyone around it at any time. By that same token however, the table must be attractive and convey all of the messages of importance and seriousness that a boardroom should have. Fortunately, at Furniture At Work™ we have a great selection of boardroom tables of many different designs including those that are created to facilitate discussion, those that are more intimate and those that are simply luxurious.

Seating And Finish

It is also important to consider who is going to be sat around this table and what special requirements they have. You may need a table that is spacious enough for a wheelchair or larger executive chairs, for instance. Getting this wrong can make investing in such a large and important table a costly experience. The table must also rationalise with the design that is already present in your boardroom as well, both in terms of aesthetics and size. A table like this should be small enough for the chairs to be extended fully allowing staff, clients and delegates space to sit easily. To this end, we often have different dimensions for our tables and have a choice of different colours or finishes.

Luxuriously Jung

We start with the most luxurious of our offerings - the Jung Boardroom. This premium table comes in classic rectangle, radial or oval shapes each of which look the part. They truly are the premium option but at Furniture At Work™ you can often find them with more than half cut from their recommended retail price. The tables are seated on 16 gauge metal subframes that make for great stability, even on uneven floors. The ‘Outrigger’ legs also allow for you to place the maximum number of tables around the table. This particular option comes in three different sizes allowing you to accommodate more people in your important meetings.

High Capacity Low Price

Cheap office furniture doesn’t have to be cheap in the worst sense of the word. We know that you want the best when it comes to executive meeting tables, so we have gone all out to create something that is affordable as it is adaptable. The Executive Modular Tables are a great example of this. The table can be split up into 3 modules, each of which can be invested in separately to increase the size of the table as well as provide adaptation to specific room designs. This table comes with D-end pieces, central rectangular sections and squared sections. You can invest in the rectangular and square sections as required to increase the size. If you are struggling for space the table can be deconstructed and put in storage or reconstructed for use as individual desks.

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