Creating Temporary Workspaces

Temporary spaces can require some very creative thinking when it comes to office furniture. At Furniture At Work™, we want to ensure we fulfill all of your office needs no matter what they are. This is why we stock Gopak tables. These are some of the best easily transportable tables available on the market, coming in a wide range of different colours, shapes and configurations. They can be quickly deployed to create a temporary workspace that can allow you to get all of your work done before moving on quickly and easily. They are designed to be sturdy and will hold-up a surprising amount of weight easily so long as they are taken care of. If you are wanting to take advantage of a seasonal market or need some extra office space quickly, then Gopak are really the best solution. They can be easily folded up and placed into a vehicle for transport or into a storage room with many of them being designed to stack on top of each other.

Of course, with Gopak economy folding tables you can also create temporary dining and work spaces outside if you so choose. These can be placed outside of the canteen so employees can enjoy dining in the sunshine in summer. Because they are rapidly deployed, they can be taken back indoors at a moment’s notice. Many of the options available also come with benches which can allow plenty of people to use the same table.


While you might consider office furniture UK to have no outdoor options, the Gopak Premier can easily be deployed outside or inside. If you are wanting to organise a team building activity outdoors, then Gopak could be the perfect solution. The Premier is manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 standards and comes in different heights for different users. If you are wanting to create a buffet, the table will be slightly higher at 46cm than the adult height of 43cm. This is in turn higher than the junior height of 38cm. This means the Premier is a great choice for schools as well as businesses. Depending on who will be using it, you can opt for the many different colours from bright, solid reds and greens to more professional timber tones.

Different Shapes

Round folding tables are great for a variety of different uses from educational institutions to temporary breakout areas. A round table really invites all to have their input, perhaps being the most sociable of tables. This is great for kids at school too, since they will each be more aware of what everyone else is doing. For both business and education alike, tables like this encourage group thinking and activities. Like the Premier, this table meets BS EN ISO 9001:2000 but it also meets the BS for strength and stability BS5873 FIRA part 3. It is a very compact design that will fold away easily. If you add to this the tolley solution you can easily and safely transport these tables around, deploying them at will.

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