A Vast Array Of Computer Desks

Getting the right computer desks for your business is all important. They really can make the difference when it comes to the productivity of your staff. At Furniture At Work™ we have a fantastic range including corner desks, rectangular varieties and those with built in drawers. Before investing however, it is important that you carefully consider the needs of your staff. Not every staff member works well with drawers taking up space beneath the desk. Designers and architects, for instance, are often moving across the desk to tend to different aspects of their work and don’t want to be inhibited by drawers. Many other office workers on the other hand sit and work at the computer with not much need to move across the desk. Still, this doesn’t mean you should invest in a potentially more expensive desk that has drawers, since it really could be a matter of necessity.

Many workers would be happy with our Rectangular C-Leg desk which allows for maximum movement beneath the desk with a rolling chair. Each desk also 2 or more cable ports to conveniently hold cables from the tower beneath the desk. Alternatively, you can store the tower on top of the desk for added space beneath, with the cables attaching to plugs beneath the table. Many of our C-Leg desks have a wave design that allows workers to find space to their right or left away from the computer keyboard. This is great for doing any paperwork comfortably while also encouraging a good posture.

These desks are very cost and space effective but if you do want a H leg desk with some drawers, then our VL Assembled Clerical H-Leg desk is a great option. It comes in 3 different sizes so you can tailor it to the specific room you want to put it into while you can also decide how many drawers would be best for your worker. The steel H frame, like all of our desks, is built for strength and ruggedness and such a desk will be around for many years to come.

A c-leg corner computer desk is another great way to make the most effective use of space in a room. We offer both left and right hand varieties which means that you’ll have the answer no matter what type of corner you can’t fill. We can also offer the VL Assembled Ergo C-Leg desk in 2 different sizes, further scaling the furniture to your particular facility. Such a desk also has other great selling points such as the wipe clean 18mm melamine tops which are designed to meet BS 476 PT7 Class 1. We are constantly offering deals on desks like this, so it is important you check back frequently to ensure the best price.

We also offer executive office furniture online which make greater use of style and storage space. The Aliano Executive and the Antique replica are both beautifully crafted options which will truly make the room executive. Other creative ergonomic designs such as the Prestige are available too.

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