Beneficial Extra Services

Many negative furniture at work reviews are directed at companies who ship large numbers of flat-packed furniture to customers yet offer no assembly service. Without specialist equipment or knowledge, the average workforce may be required to then take time out from their normal routine to build the furniture themselves. This naturally results in the customer becoming more inefficient themselves, especially when you factor in errors and the potential of missing components. Bulk orders should always come with an offer to assemble the furniture as well, especially if there are no skilled people for the job at the company.

Expert Help

It is worthwhile remembering that many of the pieces of furniture on offer can be quite complex with multiple different parts that need to be fitted together. For the more luxurious piece of furniture, any damage could devalue the furniture significantly. With help from the supplier, the customer could not only step back and relax and allow them to go about their business, but they could also ensure that there is no damage. If it still does occur, the liability is with the supplier and not the customer as well.

Important Positioning

Being able to oversee the project and ensure that everything is positioned correctly can also save lots of time. Some companies do assemble, but do not ensure that the furniture is in the right place which can be a source of bad furniture at work reviews, especially if they have to be disassembled before being moved to the correct area. Having everything ready to be used as soon as the construction is complete can ensure that businesses benefit from the new furniture as soon as possible.

While not every supplier offers these services, some do so and do it for free. This can really give a business much more for their investment.

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