What your reception seating says about you

When people come into your office for a meeting, an interview or anything else, the chances are they will be instructed to take a seat and wait. This simple exchange can leave a lasting impression on individuals.

If they have to take a pew on uncomfortable, unattractive seating, they’re unlikely to be impressed. Even worse, if there aren’t enough chairs, they might be forced to stand.

A worthwhile investment

Considering the importance of first impressions in the business world, it’s well worth investing in some good quality reception seating. As long as you know where to look, you can benefit from real bargains, and these products can last for a long time too.

Attention to detail like this is crucial if you’re to create the right image among potential customers, investors and other third parties.

A numbers game

Numbers are crucial. There’s no point in investing in a couple of fantastic looking reception chairs if they fill up too much space and mean you can’t fit enough seating into the area. Failing to provide visitors with a place to take the weight off when they are waiting to be seen is a big mistake. It gives the impression that you don’t value the people who enter your building.

When you’re planning your reception area, think carefully about how many people are likely to use your reception area at any one time and try to cater for the maximum number.

If you need lots of chairs, our Cotswold products could be ideal for you. You can create your own bespoke configurations and the curved seating allows for maximum flexibility where space is a restriction. You can take your pick from blue, red, grey, black, charcoal, green, burgundy, hunter, navy and purple versions.


As well as considering the number of chairs you need, it’s also important to think about the way these items will look in your reception area. This part of your office is your window to the world and it’s what people see first when they enter your premises.

This means that as well as being practical, your reception furniture must look fantastic.

Modern chic

If you want your reception office furniture to exude modern chic, perhaps our Valueline tub seating would be perfect. These attractive black leather faced tub seats have a classy, elegant look and they feature generous, deep padded seats. Also, their contoured back provides additional comfort and they have a sturdy wooden frame.

Take a look

Here at Furniture At Work™ we offer an impressive range of seating products and should have the perfect solution for your reception area.

While you’re taking a look around our website, you might also want to check out the desks and other products we offer. Thanks to our commitment to providing superb value for money, our products may cost much less than you think, and ordering from our online catalogue is quick and easy. When it comes to finding new reception furniture, you can see us as your one-stop-shop.

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