Meeting Storage Requirements

Many furniture at work problems arise due to poor storage solutions that are not adapted for their primary purpose. Of course, storage invariably always does get used but this does not mean that space is being used effectively. Using filing cabinets to store bulky items, for instance, may not only waste space but it could also damage the cabinet.

Versatility Is Key

Even despite data becoming ever more digitised, hard copies of important documents are still required. If these documents are private and contain sensitive data, they really should be kept under lock and key. Lockable cabinets can solve many furniture at work problems that arise, particularly if those cabinets themselves are being kept in a secure room that is rarely accessed or easily monitored.

Lateral filers are great for those offices where some storage is required but perhaps doesn’t need to be high density. Double wide foolscap storage can offer plenty of storage over time without sacrificing too much space in the office. Investing in a cabinet with a nice finish can also serve to improve the look of the office.

High Density

4+ storey filing cabinets are a great way to store large numbers of files together. The more adaptive options on the market will allow you to stack side by side with differing heights to allow you to adapt to the environment by placing some cabinets beneath workstation desks.


Multidrawer flat and wide filers can allow you to store all sorts of different items, from tools to paper. These are very handy to have around since you can store everything you need in one compact cabinet that won’t take up so much space. With a small investment in a worktop it could put to further use to give more space in the work area.

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