Confidentiality in the workplace

Regardless of what kind of business you operate, chances are there will be confidential documents that need to be kept in secure storage. Whether it’s financial records, clients details or staff files, there is a responsibility to the business owner to ensure that these confidential documents are always safe under lock and key.

Secure storage for clients

Whether you’re working from home or sourcing office furniture for a 300-person strong company, clients need to have their details protected with secure storage. The majority of filing cabinets will have central locking systems and sometimes even individual locking for each drawer. But remember not to leave the key in the lock, as that tends to defeat the point somewhat!

Confidentiality isn’t just about locking information away though, it’s also about dealing with it appropriately. If you have a locked cabinet for instance that just deals with one client, should their name really be on the tag on the front for everyone to see? In some industries that isn’t a problem but if you’re a law firm or working in connection with medical records, then that may not be acceptable.

Secure storage isn’t a consideration just for current documents and information either. It’s also important to think about what happens to that paperwork when it’s obsolete. Ensuring that you have correct confidential shredders is vital to keeping client information private, no matter how innocuous it may seem.

Secure storage for staff

Providing secure storage for staff is a top priority when looking after their needs and requirements. The extent and size to which secure storage is provided will depend on the nature of the work but, at the very least, a locking drawer in or next to each desk gives staff the knowledge that they can keep their valuables safe while they’re at work.

In companies where changes of clothes or shoes are required then personal lockers are the way forward and provide employees with their own, lockable space. In situations where long working hours are frequent, lockers also give extra flexibility to staff to keep personal items that they made need, safe.

Even in a three person office, everyone requires their own personal secure storage as well as secure storage for their clients. While it can be easy to overlook personal confidentiality in a small and friendly environment – it doesn’t make it any less vital and all employees have a right to lock up their belongings.

Security, responsibility and reputation

Businesses are only as good as how their clients view them and so it doesn’t matter how many high profile contracts you’ve completed, if you compromise your client’s interests, you’re in a bad way. Confidentiality is the absolute cornerstone of trust and one simple mistake can cost your business its reputation. Taking precautions against break-ins, unauthorised movement of files and documents and the exposure of documents when they’re being used is a good habit to get into.

Simple steps to ensure that you are deserving of your clients’ and employees’ trust can make all the difference. Investing in secure, responsible storage is an easy way to make a good start and sourcing office furniture online gives you flexibility, a wide choice and the vital ability to keep costs down.

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