Top 10 strangest things found in office cupboards

When you think of the contents of office cupboards, what springs to mind? You probably conjure up images of files, books, pens, post-its, staplers and so on. However, it turns out there are a host of other, more unusual, items lurking out there.  So, next time you open up the cupboards in your office, you

Top Tips for Choosing Office Furniture

At first, finding furniture for your office may seem simple: you might think it’s just a case of buying a few tables, some chairs and maybe even a couple of conference tables, but there’s so much more to it than that. To give your business a unique flavour, you should be a little bit more

Space saving solutions for the home office

As Britain witnesses a rapid increase in the number of people starting up their own businesses from home, more and more people are faced with the prospect of creating home offices for the first time. This often means working out of a very small space as whatever part of the home gets the least use

What your furniture says about your business

Whatever your company, whether you’re a SME working in B2B, or you’re part of the local council or education sector, your office space is vital to how people see you. In particular, the furniture you choose speaks volumes. It could be you work from a home office, or you have a large premises in a

Setting Up Business from Home

A daunting part of starting a business can be the cost of getting everything up and running, so what better way to keep costs down than by starting your business from home? Even though you are working from home it is still vital to create a comfortable, smart and professional space. Create the right atmosphere

The importance of buying quality furniture

Whether you’re replacing worn out old furniture that has served its time, or you’re kitting out a new premises entirely from scratch, it can be tempting to try and cut costs. You might work from home and not see the point of splashing out on yourself, or you may be buying for a large institution