Space saving solutions for the home office

As Britain witnesses a rapid increase in the number of people starting up their own businesses from home, more and more people are faced with the prospect of creating home offices for the first time. This often means working out of a very small space as whatever part of the home gets the least use is converted for work purposes. Furnishing a space to provide everything that's needed can be tricky. Fortunately we are able to offer some neat solutions to help you get that space just right.


Plan before buying


You'd be surprised how many situations we encounter where people buy all their office furniture first and only then start thinking about how to fit it in. Sometimes they succeed but it leaves them with little room to move. Making a plan first makes a big difference. The first thing to think about is light. If there is a window in the room, the desk should be arranged so that light won't be shining directly onto the computer screen. This provides the first piece of the positioning puzzle. If some light comes in sideways and you think it light be a problem, blinds are a great way to control it.


Once the position of the desk has been decided, think about the position of peripherals like the printer and scanner or any other essential equipment. Some of our PC workstations are designed to accommodate these within the same space; alternatively, you could choose broad shelving to fit along the side of the desk, keeping peripherals in an easy to reach position, as well as providing extra room for storage. Remember that you'll need to be able to run cables round the furniture you buy unless you are relying on wireless for your computer and phone connections. Cables are generally considered a more secure bet and it's good to have the modem in the same room so you can quickly address any issues with it.


Storage solutions


In a small office, shelving can often provide the most efficient method of storage for your books, documents and supplies. Using clearly labelled plastic boxes rather than storing documents in piles keeps things safer and makes them easier to find in a hurry. All our furniture is fully assembled and built to last so you won't have to worry about the headaches that come with self-assembly. Alongside the shelves, we offer filing cabinets in all sizes, so you may find something that does fit into your space even if you can only use it for your most important or current documents.


Seating solutions


In a small office, a big, luxurious chair isn't always practical. We have some very comfortable slimline chairs that will let you enjoy one of the big advantages of a small space, being able to turn around and reach whatever you happen to need. We're price leaders in this market, well give you a 30 day trial offer on anything you buy and our phone lines are open 8am to 8pm, so getting started couldn't be easier.

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