Top Tips for Choosing Office Furniture

At first, finding furniture for your office may seem simple: you might think it’s just a case of buying a few tables, some chairs and maybe even a couple of conference tables, but there’s so much more to it than that. To give your business a unique flavour, you should be a little bit more creative: your office should be a comfortable space your staff will be happy to work in and your visitors will remember fondly. What should you keep in mind when buying furniture?


Focus on function first


While aesthetics are obviously key, your priority should be functionality. How many desks will you need to make sure each employee has their own space? How big and sturdy will they need to be to support their equipment (computer, phone, etc.)? How many of a particular size and shape will fit into your office? You should consider each of these points until you have a firm idea of the essential practical needs, and be sure to think about expansion: if you’re likely to take on more staff, you’ll need to leave enough space.


Mix it up


If your office is separated into various areas—by department, for example—each one could feature a different style of furniture. On a functional level, this could suit the different needs: a creative team may need larger tables or space for drawing boards, while a sales team will need room for a phone and paperwork. On an aesthetic level, mixing furniture styles can make for an eclectic design scheme.


Consider comfort for staff and the wow factor for clients


Your staff’s comfort should be of paramount importance. To be happy, efficient and productive, your employees should be able to feel relaxed in their work environment, and the furniture they use all day should contribute to this. Quality chairs and desks should provide enough support and freedom to remain comfortable throughout each shift, and your visitors should also be comfortable throughout their stay. The furniture should also match the décor to leave them impressed.


Why not give ergonomics a try?


Ergonomic furniture is becoming more and more popular, as it offers more comfort and less strain on the body when sitting at a desk for long periods—sitting in an uncomfortable position, on seats offering no support for a proper posture, can lead to health problems.


Here at Furniture At Work, we have a huge range of office furniture suitable for all decors and needs. Feel free to get in touch if you need more information and buying advice.

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