What your furniture says about your business

Whatever your company, whether you're a SME working in B2B, or you're part of the local council or education sector, your office space is vital to how people see you. In particular, the furniture you choose speaks volumes. It could be you work from a home office, or you have a large premises in a dedicated office block. No matter your office's size or location, you should take great care in choosing furniture, both for the sake of your clients and your employees.


For a start, your furniture is what gives people their first impression of the company. Think about your overall business culture, and how you can tie your furniture into this aesthetic. Muted or dark colours and sleek lines exude a corporate feel, while the bright and quirky suggests an artistic and creative mindset. Antique style and imposing furniture give an air of an established and authoritative company, but would look out of place in a tech start up, where a bold and futuristic egg chair would be more at home. Neutral colours and comfortable cushions can work well in a reception area to make clients feel more relaxed, compared to primary colours that are more startling and less inviting.


However, your furniture is not just about the impression it gives to clients; it's also important for creating a positive working environment for you and your employees. For example, you should ensure office chairs are comfortable and promote good posture. The space should encourage inspiration and focus, and a large part of this is ensuring the office is free of clutter and not too cramped. This feeling of a light and airy space is good both for the workers' state of mind, and for convincing clients you are in control.


To achieve this uncluttered look, you'll need the right storage. Invest in some good filing cabinets and book cases, and make sure there are lockers readily available for staff use. Using smart space-saving solutions is especially necessary in a home office environment, where space is often at a premium. Consider options such as folding tables, which can be stored away when not in use.


You should also base your furniture choices on practicality as well as style. Think about your business needs – do employees need plenty of surface space to complete their work? Are noticeboards or whiteboards necessary for a meeting or boardroom? Would your reception benefit from display and presentation products to showcase company literature?


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