Top 10 strangest things found in office cupboards

When you think of the contents of office cupboards, what springs to mind? You probably conjure up images of files, books, pens, post-its, staplers and so on. However, it turns out there are a host of other, more unusual, items lurking out there.  So, next time you open up the cupboards in your office, you may be in for a surprise!

1)   Nail clippers

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We all like to have tidy nails, but it seems some people are taking their penchant for delectable digits to another level. When asked by the community weblog Metafilter what items they take into the office, a number of seemingly well-groomed individuals said nail clippers.

Although it might be convenient to trim your nails while you have a spare few moments at your desk, we’re not sure this is a trend that should catch on. Surely the bathroom is where these clippers belong!

2)   Salt and pepper shakers$web_zoom$&/1308302308/monterey-salt-and-pepper-shaker-set.jpg


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Like lots of people, you might eat at your desk occasionally. Perhaps it’s because you simply don’t have time to get away from the office, or maybe it’s because you like browsing the web while tucking into your lunch.

However, some workers are taking desk dining one step further by bringing salt and pepper shakers to their workstations. If these seasonings can make otherwise dull sarnies or salads that little bit more palatable, we say why not!

3)   Booze


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It seems as though bottles of booze are some people’s guilty office cupboard secret. Perhaps they’ve been inspired by the swanky hit US TV series Mad Men, where charismatic characters including Don Draper and Roger Sterling seemed never to be more than two feet from a bottle of the hard stuff.

Let’s face it though, while reaching for the bottle may have been OK in workplaces during the ‘60s, things have changed. If you’re clocked taking a swig behind your desk, you might find yourself in deep trouble!

4)   Wrapping paper


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We’ve all bought last-minute presents. Whether it’s a rush to pick up an anniversary gift, a Valentine’s offering or a birthday present, this can be seat-of-your-pants action. Maybe it should come as no surprise then that some people store wrapping paper in their workplaces.

We think this is a great idea. You can nip out of the office at lunchtime to pick up your present of choice and then simply head back to your desk and set about wrapping it. In fact, why not take this a step further and keep some gift cards at work too?

5)   Swiss army knife


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One office worker revealed he kept a Swiss army knife in his office, saying it comes in handy for pulling corks, opening cans, getting into packages and more.

There’s no denying the versatility of these small objects, but we think they might raise a few eyebrows in workplaces. The blades seem more at home among camping equipment in the great outdoors than nestled by paper clips and printer paper in offices.

6)   Dental floss


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Multitasking is the name of the game in modern workplaces, and some individuals are taking this principle very seriously indeed. For example, dental floss seems to be a popular workplace accessory. Although you might get a few strange looks from your colleagues, we can see the appeal of this. You can floss away while reading documents, checking your emails and more.

7)   Perfume


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Sticking on the theme of personal preening, perfume is another product that’s making its way into offices. As long as it’s not overused, we like this idea. A quick spray every now and then doesn’t do any harm, and it’s handy to have a bottle to hand if you’re heading straight out after work.

8)   Tool Kit


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Your first instinct when you’re at work if things break might be to call an expert. After all, you’ve no doubt got enough on your plate without having to deal with dodgy printers, broken doors, busted lights and so on. However, not everyone takes this approach.

One man revealed he keeps a tool set at work because he loves being the “go-to person” when his colleagues need a pair of pliers.

9)   Sewing kit


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Similarly practical, another worker took a sewing kit into the office. We love this idea, although we think most people would struggle to find time to test their needle skills at their desks!

10)   Wind-up toys


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Let’s face it, things can get a little stressful at work, so we approve of one worker’s idea to take wind-up toys into the office. The individual claimed the items are great to give to restless colleagues, and they’re bound to put a smile on people’s faces!

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