Keep Your Employees Fit, Healthy and Happy This Summer

Sitting down for prolonged periods of time is now thought to be detrimental to our health. As such, businesses that want to keep their employees happy and healthy should look at ways of getting them moving as much as possible.


Furthermore, if individuals are cramped up inside all day, they may feel far from productive, especially in the summer months during which they may find themselves constantly dreaming of heading outside to enjoy the sun.

The good news is that, once the warmer months arrive, there will be plenty of ways to alter your business processes to ensure that your entire workforce remains as happy, healthy and fit as possible.


Conduct meetings outside

Sourcing furniture that will allow you to hold meetings outside on sunny days will give individuals the opportunity to soak in a few rays whilst they work. Not only will this improve morale, but it will also help to focus the mind by giving your staff the chance for a change of scenery. The fresh air and the short walking commute will also be very beneficial for both health and mood too. As well as our excellent range of work furniture, we have an array of different solutions that could be utilised to great effect outside your office space.


Switch up your work furniture

Older office furniture is likely to be far from ergonomic. As such, not only might it be extremely uncomfortable for staff, causing frequent distractions, but the same poorly designed furniture may also eventually cause acute or chronic health problems amongst staff. By searching our site for quality, modern office furniture solutions, you will find that your employees can adjust their chair or desk heights to make better use of space and natural light, and that the right solutions will allow them to work in the position that will keep them most healthy.


Keep them moving

Outdoor meetings will be a great way of getting creative juices flowing and boosting morale, and adding some movement in may help even more. Whilst outdoor furniture could work wonders for your business, brainstorming sessions physically may also help. Not only will movement keep them fit and healthy physically, but it will also ensure that their minds remain sharp and don’t become numb through boredom or repetition.


Maximise natural light

Natural sunlight will help boost mood, reduce eye strain and even increase vitamin take-up by the body. As such, try not to rely too much on artificial light fixtures and instead see how you can increase the amount of sunlight entering your offices. Whether you opt for larger or extra windows or choose to install numerous skylights or light tunnels into your premises, both concentration and physical health should be improved.


Let them loose

If employees need to make numerous  calls, why not let them do so on mobile handsets? This way, they can enjoy the grounds of your premises, get some well deserved sunshine and keep fit all at the same time, and all without this impacting in any way on productivity - except perhaps for the better.


Incorporate exercise tools within the workplace

Having fun games and machines that could get workers active on their lunch breaks might help them to enjoy their downtime more and simultaneously keep their minds active. As such, by simply adding a few fun additions into your workplace, you could quickly improve job satisfaction and efficiency in one fell swoop.

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