Looking after your new office furniture

Investing in new office furniture can make a huge difference to how your business is perceived as well as to the morale of those working for you. By improving how comfortable and attractive your office space is, you should be able to improve your reputation at the same time as reducing the chances of health problems being experienced by your staff. You may also find that sourcing the right types of furniture allows you to make far better use of the space available to you, and simultaneously ensures that employees can be a great deal more productive, whether working alone or collaborating with others.


Here at Furniture at Work, we have an array of furnishing solutions to help you maximise your productivity as well as the aesthetics of your workplace. However, to get the best value for money and to ensure that your business stays appealing for as long as possible to both employees and visitors, it will be important to care for your furniture in the most appropriate way.



Whilst new chairs and desks will help improve the look and productivity of your office, don’t overlook the importance of regular maintenance. From tightening screws and bolts to applying appropriate finishes to desks, not only might certain maintenance steps help you to keep your furniture functional, but certain steps may also actually help improve aesthetics too. It will also be worth inspecting furniture for damage every six months or so to ensure that small issues don’t turn into big ones over time. Don’t always assume your staff will tell you when there is a problem - many will stay silent so as not to kick up a fuss and may see their health or efficiency suffer as a result.



Ensure every employee treats furniture with respect. Don’t be afraid of putting up information or training individuals in how to best look after your office furniture. Putting too much weight or pressure on weaker parts of chairs or desks could easily lead to furniture being damaged, whilst simply having desks or chairs in the wrong position could mean that they become an accident waiting to happen.



Dusting should take place on a daily basis, using a dry cloth, whilst a damp cloth should be used to clean desks on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Avoid using chemicals on wooden desks, as these can damage the finish or leave streaks on the surface.

When in doubt about the best products to use on an item of furniture, always check with the manufacturer before diving in. In fact, it is always worth talking to suppliers about how best to clean furniture before you buy them, not only to ensure that you know the best cleaning solution from the start, but also to ensure that you are buying the right furniture for your own needs.

Always read the care instructions that come with any piece of furniture, keeping them on file to consult should you need to at a later date.



Not all desks, storage solutions and office chairs will be created equally. Consider the particular needs of your workforce and the tools, stock or assets your furniture may need to accommodate to ensure that you are not overloading your furniture and in turn, greatly reducing its lifespan as well as how safe it happens to be.

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